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Ruby Tuck Nov 2018
dictionaries stacked on the shelf near the blackboard
papers i have lying on my desk
thoughts inside my head
people sitting around me
threads lying lonely on the floor
pencils scratching
florescent lights bearing down upon my weary eyes
i found the number 19 in the "words" section of the website and decided to write about my class. there are, in fact 19 people in my class, which is pretty cool.
Maxim Keyfman Oct 2018
and again salutes outside the window and again
they and they again and I still watch
on their old old lost
lost pieces of paper scruffy

battered by this time by these
over the years with these watches over the centuries
considerations all all all that
eat in this dark bright summer light

and again the window and again the walls and again
it and again it spun one in
huge terrible waltz since the soul
mine is yours and all this is one continuous howl

and since my truth is yours all that
was and always will be forever and how
all this huge dance dance dance
huge black man dance or

or what or and when or and whether
it or well anyway well anyway i
will utter this final word final
word word ending life is death

and only death in the world exists and
of course the birth though there are doubts
probably only death and she alone
and life and our life was not and never will

Maxim Keyfman Oct 2018
running notes fast fast
on fingers ran quickly
quickly walked along quickly
and be so quietly and quietly
quietly melody on the nose
slipped and sank into sleep

and there were white papers and will
black paper and torch burn and
notes will run again and all also
it is not known where and when to burn and
quickly run fast then
when I was five years old when I was

when i was six years old
I was seven years old and when I was
exactly eternity eternity one infinite
and when I was not a man but a piano
when I was just the keys and only
white and black black and white and all

Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
crying was like rain
crying fell from the sky
and glass
and glass
tore up papers
tore hands

crying is unbearable
wailing tore my soul
and not mine and others
Chinese in one far country
somewhere in the future
or in the past

about crying
time you're crying
I'm you time
about crying

Frank DeRose Jun 2018
two papers are due--
academia threatens
to swallow me whole
skez Jun 2018
i don't need a makeup removal
cause my tears washed them all
a cup of coffee and a white paper
were the only thing you left behind
we used to write through the day and night
now i'm writing this with the ghost of you
Mazen Edlibi Apr 2018
Scripts has been written and became rotten…
Words are abandoned and forgotten…
Papers are withered and paled away…
Feelings are faded and hugged by lost!


Trying to find meaning was not easy…
It ends up trying to find myself…
It is not in love only…
It is not in money only…
It is not in fame only….
It is not in anything if you are not in everything in this life!

Go all the way…..

Your quest won’t be the same always!
Soumya Inavilli Feb 2018
If the papers lying on my desk
had a voice, they would ask me
why don’t I write anymore.
They would ask for more stories
about us that I kept telling them
for years, we are their favourites.
I first started writing when you
came in with a smile and
filled my heart with your warmth.
One day you’ve left me grieving in
this cold, dark place and I thought
may be I could write for one last time.
Tears stained the papers instead of
ink, but they didn’t understand
this new language I wrote in.
Those papers are just lying there,
I never write again after
wiping the last tear off my face.
May be they do have a voice and
want to know what made me
stop writing, but I can’t hear them now.
Papers to fold,
Followed instructions you told,
You and the papers are the only ones I want to hold,
Especially when the weather is cold

So many designs to make,
Also memories that we both create
I just wanna do this all the time,
Until the day that I will die.
Hi! Sorry if it's bad but I hope you like it! Thanks :)
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