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Ruby Tuck Feb 2019
Hello, my friends,
this is goodbye.
No time for tears,
no time to cry.
No time to run and hide from TRUTH.
It is my time to fulfill my oath.
And sink into the Earth down to the KING.
And goodness to the world I'll bring.
And goodness to the world I'll bring.
This poem is something I came up with in a matter of minutes. Using the word list, I found the words cry, earth, sink, and oath, so I used them as best I could with the time I had. I hope you like it!
Ruby Tuck Nov 2018
I'm sitting at my desk after a math test
And on my math test, I really tried my best,
But now, thank god, I get to rest
And play with my colored pencils.

I feel like it's been so much time
since I've written in colored pencil rhyme,
But I find, it really is sublime
Writing in something other than monochrome grey.

As I sit and gaze at my pencil collection,
I am realizing that it has turned to obsession,
But there are twelve colored pencils for three stanza perfection,
So, for poetry's sake, I guess it's okay.
I actually did write this the first time in colored pencils after a math test.
Ruby Tuck Nov 2018
dictionaries stacked on the shelf near the blackboard
papers i have lying on my desk
thoughts inside my head
people sitting around me
threads lying lonely on the floor
pencils scratching
florescent lights bearing down upon my weary eyes
i found the number 19 in the "words" section of the website and decided to write about my class. there are, in fact 19 people in my class, which is pretty cool.
Ruby Tuck Oct 2018
I wish I was a kangaroo,
I wish I was a clock,
I wish I was the stripe in someone's sky blue sock.
I wish I was a purple pig with a polka-dotted trimming,
I wish I was a halibut,
I wish I was in swimming.
I wish I was a mutton leg
or just a leg of lamb,
I wish I was most anything than this dumb thing I am.
I found this poem in a really old textbook in my grandmother's house. She didn't know who wrote it, and there wasn't a signature or anything, so I decided to post it because I thought it was cute.
Ruby Tuck Oct 2018
I feel blue.
I feel grey.
And you are bullying by the way.
I have feelings, but they are hidden by my willingness for you to be forgiven.
The words you say are just like spears,
piercing hearts and driving tears.
And, you know, you're a fool
if you think you can push people around at school.
You might get caught.
I'm warning you.
And then what are you going to do?
It hurts my heart,
it makes me sad.
And on occasion, it makes me mad.
I've known you since nursery school
when it didn't matter if we were cool.
Now look at what you've done, you clown.
Someday your own words will bring you down.
This poem is about my personal struggles with bullying in the past and present. I hope someone reads this and feels it.

— The End —