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All my old writing was as accurate as premonition, as if I wanted a tragedy to JOLT ME from my sleep.

The silver lining is I suppose I got what I wanted,
it just wasn't the tragic self harm I dreamed of.
More like a tragic mistake that destroyed the boy I once was, and the girl I once knew.
Premonitions are old tales now, time keeps on moving.
Cyd Aug 1
stomach in my head
my head scattered every where
red is the abyss
no longer am I fearing
I doze with a grin, knowing
Wang Di Jun 13
Walking through this abyss of road,
I can feel the wind rushing towards me,
Warning me about what’s next to come,
The trees towards my right,
A synchronization of tales
about the seasonal changes that
they have yet to overcome.
what cross do you bear?
whisper to me the pains you've repressed,
the regrets that consume you,
divulge to me your darkest sins,
and lend utterance to your woes.

how do you build the ark,
that exists in your mind?
rocking in the arms,
of the slow, swinging seas,
whilst quixotic dreamers,
dance across the sky,
lost in the clouds.

solace in tears,
premonitions in fears,
let me cradle your soul,
and mend,
piece by piece,
plastered poultices,
and golden lacquer scars,
sealing all that ran deep.
let me shoulder your burdens,
so that one day, you may learn
and live alongside them.

so long as molten rock,
anoints our heads,
and flickering flame,
sears our feet,
we shall traverse
the crucible that is life.

each bearing a cross,
and a crown of thorns,
we are beautifully broken,
the faceted protagonists
of faded film noir.

we will prevail.
“No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.” -William Penn

angst, ik lol, but i just wanted all of you to know that i'm here for all of you. not sure how much i can do for you but i'll certainly try! thank you for stopping by.
Andreas Simic Oct 2017
The Glimpse©

As he rode down the escalator
Eyes upon the next step
Caution on his mind
The throng of people
Surrounding him like a fence
Something told him to look up
Was it an inkling
Was it intuition
Was it a premonition
Was it fate
But look up he did
And in that moment their eyes met
It was a mere seconds of a lifetime
But they were both transfixed
He going down
She coming up
A passing of two strangers
Eyes locked
Was this a flight of fancy
Or the real thing
He would never know
For she was gone around the corner
And he was on his way to work
Destiny would have to prevail
Someday but not today

Andreas Simic©
Knit Personality Oct 2016
A gathering of omens ill
   Haunts me inside my head.
Sings eerily a whippoorwill.
A gathering of omens ill
Pollutes the autumn's crispy chill,
   Reminds me that I'm dead.
A gathering of omens ill
   Haunts me inside my head.

John K Trainer May 2016
My capricious mind
Where have you wandered today?
Who have you offended?
What retribution awaits?

I let you out to absorb the Sun’s rays
And you amble off to seek shade
Your stubbornness has no limits
As you fail to return at the appointed time

My unsympathetic mind
Why have you turned your back on your friends?
Do they not attend to your ego?
Like flies on carrion, their interest is symbiotic

This morning I had a premonition
It was perplexing and brought consternation
There was a rabbit that crossed my path
So many bad things happen to rabbits
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