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Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just take a moment and appreciate the long journey that you've survived-it's the glory of a lifetime you can't sell nor buy;>

look how far have you gone

childish plays and dolls now all defined a woman grown

stars you wished upon did not shoot the shot you scored

yet gave you a lot than wisdom of twinkles and more

even better for a future of a strong self and bold

all those lonely nights in the lousy storms

turned out to be embraced by your daemons to a joyous old soul

one of a kind with struggles that no one knows to cherish to hold

ought for you to breathe and live and carry and mold

on your own blossomed and snowed

through summer bosoms and winters and highs and lows

through hells and heavens and sweet merciless hollows

anticipate in you a tomorrow of fruitful stores

things to save up for the upcoming open doors

                                                         ­                               --------ravenfeels
Maxim Keyfman Oct 2018
and again salutes outside the window and again
they and they again and I still watch
on their old old lost
lost pieces of paper scruffy

battered by this time by these
over the years with these watches over the centuries
considerations all all all that
eat in this dark bright summer light

and again the window and again the walls and again
it and again it spun one in
huge terrible waltz since the soul
mine is yours and all this is one continuous howl

and since my truth is yours all that
was and always will be forever and how
all this huge dance dance dance
huge black man dance or

or what or and when or and whether
it or well anyway well anyway i
will utter this final word final
word word ending life is death

and only death in the world exists and
of course the birth though there are doubts
probably only death and she alone
and life and our life was not and never will

Foot tap,
pencil chewed down to the core.
Focus, it will come.
Awaken the beast.
Tremors and quakes rattle this
vessel of flesh like
a storm that ravages the
spring sky. You do the same to

me. Fingertips like
cold raindrops trace my landscape,
I'm electrified.
Quiet moan breaks the silence;
every cell has come to life.
Marcus Belcher Dec 2015
Solemn and righteous
Alone and wandering
Many are looking
Under earth and up at stars
Ready for that moment
A single moment
In which their life blossoms
Just a little snippet from my next book coming soon...

— The End —