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To the stars, a wish I make,
A sweet and hoped not bitter lie.
Aloud to no one else I take,
Aloud alone by night I cry.
Forevers strong unrelinquished love -
As sweet as a sleeping rose,
With all the care of a gentle dove,
My heart to you I must empose,
To lie with you is now a dream but sweet,
Just so far as a cold mountain peak.
My mind and heart intensely beat,
Alas the thought of you I seek.
Along fair love, I dream of you soon,
After the death of the unrelenting moon.
Random Shakespearean sonnet - when you get bored I guess... written a long time ago.
Sad songs hit sweet
Like cardiac butterfly kisses,
They’re a favorite because
Pain is the most creative emotion.

Give a musician heartbreak
And he’ll make the world fall in love with him.
Give him love and
He’ll make the world love you, too.

Heartbeat to the metronome,
Keep beat with the blood flowing through.
Lyrics float from your lips,
Balloons of symbols and metaphors.

Baby blue, change the
World with the strum of a chord;
Save the world by
Giving us your words.
Zoe Grace Jul 24
I am pathetic
I will fall for anyone
Who is nice to me.
My little heart can't take the stress anymore. It's just too hard.
Absolutely Pathetic
Am I intense?
Well, I guess that depends
If the message is sent
But to you we're just friends
Has the mood become tense
So that now it must end
In my plan, threw a wrench
All advances suspend

Should not need a defense
Or your feelings defend
Does not work if against
Can't distort, twist or bend
Don't want you on the fence
Later something to mend
Take me out; Ride the bench
Simply followed the trend

A pursuit would be dense
Broken message I'd send
How you felt came and went
Not returning again
Everything said I meant
But I will not pretend
'Cause my love's not for rent
And my heart I don't lend
Written: March 7, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
Julio Lopez Mar 28
Delicate, oh like porcelain
Beautiful, so fragile
My emotions running deep
You're the sea, and I'm a creek
Bumblebee, Bumblebee
Oh no no it wasn't me
Let her be, Let her be
If she love me it'll be
Que sera, sera
Let it be, Let it be
jaida Feb 25
Hes my stress reliever
He makes me feel like i belong here when i know i dont
I thank him for his presence as my mother wont
I love him as i never felt love in awhile
All he has to say is my name and here comes my huge smile
I know im safe when im in his arms cause he always says when he hugs me theres no harm
As he tells me you are mine and i am yours i now know what love feels like and it is reliving
It is him
He helps
This is about my boyfriend as he helps me forget all my problems and take away my pain
Rose Who Knows Oct 2018
Broken hands
Broken hearts
Oh, how I come apart
Your presence so sweet

I ache for you
I cry out Your name
"Why is it so hard?"

Among all the clanging
I hear your call
even in the chaos of space
I hear your call
through different voices
I hear you calling me back
"I will provide"
Come back home my sweet daughter

Let me love you
put your faith in me
lean on me

You are known
You are heard
Tonight I felt a deep stirring within my soul and itched to start writing out God's message for me.
Maria Land Oct 2018
A few words can turn it on,
A few more can set it off,
Then all my walls are gone,
Open to your scornful scoff,
I'm a challenge not a chore,
Give me some and i want more,
Give me kisses, give me hugs,
You're the ******, I'm the drugs,
Its been awhile since I've had affection,
I'll add you to my hearts collection,
I can't explain you won't understand,
Never on purpose always unplanned,
You might be an angel sent from above,
Now you're stuck with my heart and you're stuck with my love,
I doubt my heart from time to time,
My mind tells me there's no way you'll be mine,
I'm always ready for disappointment,
I like to stay vacant plus you cant afford rent,
This all makes me happy but it makes me insane,
If you take my heart, then with you it remains!
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