Starlit Love Feb 26

I sit alone, with him
But all I think of is you
I know it is grim
Sadly that'she what I do

He's asleep next to me
He's not on my mind
I know he dreams of me
And I can call him mine

I am happy with you
Your make my heart sore
I know what I'll need to do
Because I leave wanting more

As I watch him sound asleep
All I want is for him to be you
It gets harder not to weep
I know my heart only belongs to you

Wanting him #thatP.guy
Mane Omsy Feb 20

I've heard stories of princesses
Tales of village beauties
But, I haven't seen nothing alike
Until I gazed upon you
                      - My Dear

Mark Lecuona Feb 8

my heart is not a game
it is as serious as life can be
and though it can laugh
it will not compete for love
nor will it wander aimlessly

the reflection of a distant pond
but its light knows the dark
it is unafraid to be alone
a newborn knows no one
nor the hole a spade will part

it remembers the past
and how it once did love
but that is a movie now
with characters so young
and futures unconceived of

tell me how it can be
are you right, will I be free;
free to live my purpose
then to find you waiting there
to love what is inside of me

do not try to play my heart
though it is an instrument
hear the music it makes
believe in the faith of sound
to you, it has already been sent

Elyssa Night Dec 2016

I love it when you gently rub your strong hands through out all my hair

I love it when you look at me with your deep ice blue eyes like I am yours forever

I love it when I can hear your laughter all the way through the house

I love it when as you walk through my door and I run, you pick me up and hold me just as tight as I do

I love it when you play guitar and sing to me for hours on end without a care

I love it when you hold my hand proud everywhere we go

I love that you always take your time telling me just how beautiful I am everyday

I love the way your warm breath tickles my ear as you whisper you love me

I love how passionate you touch every inch of my body, between kisses telling me how perfect I am

I love making love with you, wrapping myself around your masculine body, feeling myself melt underneath you

I love it when we lay and you pull me from behind against your chest, holding me telling me sweet nothings

I love it when you put your hands on my stomache and say, "I can't wait to have a family with you".

I love all and everything you do

But most of all I love you

Jack Ghaven Jul 2016

I can only play the hand I was dealt
So no I'm not sorry for what I've felt
Life is nothing short of a gamble
And I know I tend to ramble
I'm just making the most of what I've got
Seeing if you're interested or not
Because I find you rather amazing
I'm really not the best with the phrasing

I'm a little old fashioned
With how I express my passion
Though if you would take the time
To converse with me past the rhyme
I'd hope you'd come to see
There's a whole lot more to me
Than some scattered paper and ink
Allow me to show you how I think

It's a little crazy and far-fetched
Enough that I often get shipwrecked
I blur my reality and dreams
Still don't quite know what it means
But with the woman I see
Could you really even blame me?
I can't imagine anything better
Though I fear the day she reads this letter

It's been awhile since I've written something of this length, which I find funny because that's kind of how I began when I started writing poetry.  Nice to get back to some of my roots.
Maggie Grace Jul 2016

Just when my thoughts
were overcome with melancholy,
she appeared again-
but this time, in a different light
An orange glow outlining
the curves of her delicate figure

She opened up her hand
to reveal sunflowers and lilies
sprouting out of her fingertips,
as she smiled at me gently
with her eyes
which held an entire city of gold
beneath an emerald sky

And just as I touched
the garden upon her fingertips,
she lit up like a firework
The city in her eyes sparkled
and as I parted my lips
to smile, the trust was found
and I wept in her gleaming presence
because I finally found the love in her gaze
and she found the love in mine

And just like that-
I became the sunlight for her garden
and she became my world

Cibin Panicker May 2016

The night has so much to say,
Things that mattered, the ones that hurt,
It's funny how morning turns it all into haze,
Yet resurrected at a single embrace of the dark.

Last night's thoughts
Audrey Marie Apr 2016

I wanted to tell you, how I really felt.
I wanted to tell you, how much I liked you
I wanted to tell you, how much you meant to me.
I wanted to tell you all this is person but I was too afraid of getting an answer back, that would be unpleasing to the eye.
I'm afraid you'll reject me in a way that I've never felt before.
A feeling of hatred will come upon me as well as the feeling of heart break
but I text you that I need to tell you something but cant figure a way to get the words out.
so Ill do it here.
I really like you. Ever since you said you didn't want to date. I gained more and more feelings for you. Isnt it crazy? I want to tell you how I feel but "I'm afraid"

Based on a true event..

My heart hurts.
My heart fails.
Yes it mends and gets back up

this is my heart the only way i can explain it
Bryan J Townsend Oct 2014

My heart wishing you, willing too.
you loving me, needing thee.

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