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hazem al jaber Jul 2022
My heart ...

sweetheart ...
here is ...
the place ...
where you can rest ...
with a peace ...
and to enjoy ...
as you are in  the paradise ...
with a sweet great melody ...
that makes you happy ...
all the times ...

here it the place ...
it's my heart , sweetheart ...
between my heart's beats ...
while it all dances ...
only for you ...

there ...
into my heart ...
it's your place ...
where no dreams ...
and no wishes ...
only the reality ...
that you dreamed always about ...

it's my heart ...
where you will be ...
always ...
and forever alive ...

hazem al ..
Zack Ripley Nov 2021
As my body gets weaker,
my mind grows stronger.
But I can't help but wonder how much longer my heart can hold on.
Hold on to the faith, to the dream.
But more than anything,
I wonder how much longer the love in my heart can hold on to me
Zack Ripley Jul 2021
I could have said a million things
in a million different ways.
All of which would have made you stay
a million more days.
But when the time came,
I thought about the future,
and I could never say with confidence
that my feelings would stay the same.
In the end, I couldn't let my fears
break my heart or yours.
Not when there's a million other doors
to open and explore.
Zack Ripley Jan 2021
Sitting on the couch
Outside the dressing room.
Baby, you walk in and make my heart go boom.
You ask me what I think, but you know what I’m bout to say.
No matter what you wear, you take my breath away.
The burning desire to protect you
The fire inside driving me towards you
This power you've given me is known by few
This love you have for me; to me is so new
You hold the key to my heart, my fire, my power, my balance
Simple words on paper do not do you justice
However, I must make these simple insignificant words suffice
So that my love for you may be known to its full extent
I must make you more than just content!
Greyisntwell Sep 2020
My heart
My heart
Can't call out to
Something that isn't there
It won't call out
Into the unknown
You left me there
You left me there to die
How can I forgive?
Oh God! Save me!
Oh God! Save us!
This isn't my time
This isn't the place
Hell hath no fury
Like a broken heart!!
My heart can't call out
My heart won't call out
Zack Ripley Jan 2020
Pressure in my head
Pressure in my heart
All this pressure from society
Is tearing me apart.
They try to tell me what to want.
Try to tell me who to be.
Starting to feel like freedom's
Just a fallacy.
If I can't be by your side
With a thought to call my own,
Maybe it's time for me to leave.
Maybe I'm better off alone.
I thought I'd miss your kiss.
I thought I'd miss your smile.
And I won't lie,
They cross my mind
every once in a while.
But then I remember who I am.
I remember who I want to be.
and I remember how good it feels
When the pressure's off of me.
Thought about it as lyrics but there might not be enough flow in the end. What do you guys think?
Kelsey Mar 2020
"Don't forget about me" She said.

"I'd forget how to breathe before I forget about you" He replied.
phoenix Dec 2019
if you saw my eyes
the ones that couldn't fill the tears
the blank eyes
the ones that cant show feelings
the ones that were once bright
that showed happiness for you

if you saw my hair
the hair that I dyed because you loved colour
the hair that is now a mess
the hair unclean and became its own dreadlock
glad something of me is joint as one

if you saw my skin
the skin so dry
the skin so uncared for
the skin so colourless

if you saw my wrist
where your name is in ink
where it'll always be
the only part of you left

if you saw my heart
but you can see that whenever you want
you took it with you
I wander if you are looking after it
the way only you can
I had so much fun writing this - sorry it is so long!
Rebecca Adricula Oct 2019
To the stars, a wish I make,
A sweet and hoped not bitter lie.
Aloud to no one else I take,
Aloud alone by night I cry.
Forevers strong unrelinquished love -
As sweet as a sleeping rose,
With all the care of a gentle dove,
My heart to you I must empose,
To lie with you is now a dream but sweet,
Just so far as a cold mountain peak.
My mind and heart intensely beat,
Alas the thought of you I seek.
Along fair love, I dream of you soon,
After the death of the unrelenting moon.
Random Shakespearean sonnet - when you get bored I guess... written a long time ago.
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