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Archer Mar 2
Take my medicine
Become a better person
That's not how it works
Nyx Jun 2018

**** me.
Words calmly exiting my mouth
Staring you dead in the eyes
My feeble form reflected
Within your teary blue eyes

I can see myself
Collapsed on the floor
No strength left in my body
No will left to fight anymore

You're holding it
Firmly in your hand
The sharp edged blade
Its so cold and so smooth

My crimson red blood dripping down
You're standing in horror
Unable to make a sound
Towering above me

The bathroom is silence
As my words echo throughout
You're shaking with such anger
With such confusion and doubt

W h y
You say in the most fragile voice
Its like you're the one breaking
I thought you would rejoice

Because you're the only one who can do it
The only one who can help me

The air around us tightens
Surrounding us with pressure
Its making me breathless
He's the only one who can put me together

I'm staring him down
I'm just a void of emotion
No visible feelings
Its so clear that I'm broken

**** me.
I repeat
He falls to his knees
He crawls over to me

Holds me within his embrace
Squeezing me tightly
As if I am to disappear
Before whispering quietly

We can get through this
Get through this together

My tears begin to pour
As my mask begins to break
Pain and sadness overwhelms me
All the cuts and scars begin to ache

But I was relieved
As he knew the truth behind what I said
That my desperate plea was for help
Rather then wanting to be dead

He knew
That while I sat there
Holding tightly
onto that blade

That while I was screaming **** me
He heard the words  Heal me

He knew the true meaning behind all the words that I said
As while I was screaming **** me, He heard the words heal me instead
Nylee Aug 2016
Can you hear the silence ?
It surrounds me
It is all I hear

Can you see the darkness ?
It has made me blind
I can no longer see good

Can you fix the broken ?
Are you that doctor ,
that fixes broken soul?

Can you feel what is in my heart?
This heart has suffered a lot
Now it just cannot feel anymore

If you can , then please come
I need you to heal me
You can be my only hope
Marisa Lu Makil Apr 2015
You broke me.
You broke me and you never picked up the pieces.
Never glued me back together.
I just wanted to cry.
But I couldn't

We'll apologize
You will break me again and I will write more poetry.
You will leave again
I'll just want to cry.
But I won't be able to.

I'm sad.
It just happened again and I'm so broken-still in pieces.
I never got fixed
So now I'm broken for good.
Some scars don't heal.
I just want to cry
But I can't.
When you broke me
You broke my tear ducts, too.
Amour de Monet May 2014
I will find my heart
where you left it

I will rinse it clean
sew it back into my chest

I will buff the scars
and watch as it inhales

I will be fully alive

I will detach it from my veins
and lay with you again

— The End —