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It's not you it's me...
I'm sure everyone would hate to be on the receiving end.
Well, it is you, which is partially true, but I won't tell you that.
You just didn't make it on the list of people I want to invest my time in.
You seem nice, but you didn't win the lottery ticket.
Some other girl will award you her time, but not this girl.
Sorry not sorry.
Better than ghosting
Will I be stuck in the past forever?
I miss
when it was
just you and
With birthdays passing by I remember the good times when we were each other's go to person. What happened?
Oh, how you were so pearly white when I saw you.
What a good impression you made with me.
It took some time to get comfortable.
Soon enough we've made so many memories
walking here and there.
But as they do, you've got some scuffs now.
More time passes, you're not as clean as when I first saw you.
Usually how it goes, I either get fond of these well worn shoes and want to keep them forever or end up tossing them.
I still remember the good times, but I've moved on and there are other shoes to admire now.
I wish to explain further.. I know you're capable of interpreting.. But this poem is a metaphor for friendships, the beginning, middle and end. I had been thinking about the different friends we make over a lifetime. It's okay for friendships to change into something else. We change as people, so it makes sense.
I realized the reason
for my discomfort around him
He's never really responded to me
When I have said something it's like
I've spoken to myself, like I'm invisible, like my words can't be heard.
It makes me feel insignificant.
I don't like it.
So, now I know why I don't like to talk around him,
to feel like the center of attention cause normally I'm not.
This is not a love poem. It's about feeling anxious around people and not being my true self in front of others.
Hey there little star
You're just so far

I wish you could shoot toward me
with all your might
Once we collide I know there would
be a wondrous light

There would be flying sparks
The universe would definitely feel our marks
Just some drabble while looking out at the night sky.
I was holding on so tightly
that was the problem.
It made me feel hurt when
what I expected to happen

My feelings are valid
I know.

But I learned
to put someone else first
in a different way than before.

I may be "right" in some ways
but being "right" all the time
isn't what makes them stay.

You always gotta give a
as is turns out

I was holding on so tightly
I'm sorry if you couldn't breathe.

So I let go..

I won't ask again
Just the continuation of the drama in my life. We always learn the hard lessons through experience right?
Did you know?
It ***** to have a friend like you
Did you know?
Those texts that you sent
Though seems innocently sweet
Hurt me more than you'll ever know.

But the real question I must face...
Will you care?
Are you the type of friend that is loyal to a fault? The type that tries so hard to make things work, but then gets zip in return. Well, let me tell you, it's exhausting.
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