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We're all ****** when it comes to "love" or "like."
I've learned that by now right?
It starts with racing heartbeats and stars in the eyes.
It starts as a fun crush, but some move onto more while others are stuck with just crushes.
Wishing that he would like you instead of her...
Or wishing that you were special compared to his past girlfriends.
Or thinking that when he constantly looks at you that must mean something right?
Or it ends with heartbreak and wishing you could just have your best friend back.

So, here it goes...
This is for me and all my girl friends.

There's one who says she's over her ex and I believe her, but she still wants to hang out with her ex like that's normal.
There's another that looks at the guy she likes while he's talking about another girl.
There's another that knows she deserves better but settles for a guy that doesn't want to commit to commitment.
She's the catch here.
There's another, they would be so good together, but he's taking forever to make his intentions known. Should she dare to hope?
Then, there's me, who pines for a guy that is a shy one and he looks like he has some interest... But there's a big problem of distance.
We may never have a chance to start.

Why do we go for the complicated ones?
Why are we the cats in this game of "love"?
I'm writing this really in frustration for my friends in how hard they may be hurt in the process of their relationship or at the end of it. Every one of them has their reasons or irrational reasons for liking who they like or staying with them. Honestly, the same goes for me. I should just get over this guy... I don't even know if I have a chance. But don't we all get ****** because of someone?
Rose Who Knows Dec 2018
There were five people from a tiny town;
This town they lived in seemed all upside down.
Where everyone's values were different,
But everyone had the same commitment.
On this pilgrimage, they came together,
In the lovely fall weather.
The pilgrimage was to Capitol Hill,
To convince the government to pass the bill.
For now, they are just taking a short break,
To start the government for goodness sake.
All the pilgrims met through the site Macebook,
Discovered everyone with just one look.
The conspirator made the creepy site,
Who lured the followers into the light.
This is how we do it in the new age;
When you click the mouse once to like a page.
But by far the most difficult conflict,
Is to make the government not as strict.
They traveled in 2013,
They began their travel in a ravine.
In the submarine they consumed cheesecake,
Swallowing their pride to fix their heartache.
It's kind of funny, this poem, I was going through old folders of high school papers that I have kept. I know I wrote this for an English class. It doesn't really make sense and I don't know what the prompt was.

It would be cool to hear your theories. Have fun figuring out the meaning!
Rose Who Knows Dec 2018
What is love?
She says she admires him
that he is everything that she looks for
But she knows she doesn't really know him
on a personal level.

How can you be in love with someone
that you haven't had one on one time with?

I guess in her case,
would be the better word to describe her feelings.

But who am I to judge what she is feeling?

Which makes me wonder,
was I really in love?
Just thinking about love and how you know you are in love.
Rose Who Knows Nov 2018
There's a tunnel
People always say that
There is light at the end
But all I see is darkness
It's an endless sound of
The echo of my feet
Hitting the pavement
Whether I walk or run
The darkness is right by my side

I have an image in my mind
Of what the light is like
A meaningful whisper
From the wind

Eternal is times name
Rose Who Knows Nov 2018
We could be flying
but instead are on the ground
We were created for more
but instead, we listen to lies

God chose us
but we look everywhere except to Him
We are called children of God

There is a greater purpose
He defines it
Living for God
Changing lives through God's glory

Take my profession and Go
The speaker in chapel today inspired me to write this.
Rose Who Knows Oct 2018
I feel my heart strengthening
I feel Your presence
in this quiet place

You matter God
You urge me forwards
You welcome me in

I cry,
"It's so hard to let go!"
You say, "Fly"
but I'm scared of heights?
You say, "Fly"
but what if I fall?
You say, "Not for long,
you will fly,
you will soar."
but I'm scared...
You say, "Rose, have I ever let you down?
Have I ever left you alone?
Other people have,
but I am
I wrote "Release" right after "Provision."  I felt a tugging on my heart to really listen to God and embrace the fear and to turn myself over to God. I feel broken and I feel the brokenness in other people, but I know I am redeemed in Christ and all will be well. It's so hard to let go of the anxiety and to instead be present with God, but it's what He wants me to do. So, I will try my best to follow God.
Rose Who Knows Oct 2018
Broken hands
Broken hearts
Oh, how I come apart
Your presence so sweet

I ache for you
I cry out Your name
"Why is it so hard?"

Among all the clanging
I hear your call
even in the chaos of space
I hear your call
through different voices
I hear you calling me back
"I will provide"
Come back home my sweet daughter

Let me love you
put your faith in me
lean on me

You are known
You are heard
Tonight I felt a deep stirring within my soul and itched to start writing out God's message for me.
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