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Sparking that fire in you
Is a rarity; taboo;
Once in a blue moon.

I miss the feeling of being higher
Above all else, the only desire,
More special than any prior.

But it’s clear I’m just a factor;
And on this stage, we’re just actors
Waiting for a red carpet disaster.

I miss writing about you,
Immortality for just us two;
But I want to be remembered, too.

I wish I could care less,
Be a little more fearless
To lose that of which I’m blessed.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Once in the blue moon
What if, you can rewrite the history?
He asked

For sure
I'll turn it into a fairy tale
She replied
Genre: Observational
Theme: Soft words, history without blood shed
M Aug 2018
An evening passes
and the dawn light breaks,
while a silence stretches thin
under the light of the moon.

Another night passed,
and seas swallowed the moon,
and the sun cried darkness
upon the foams of the waves.

When Night cried for light,
the moon did not shine;
drowned from the subtle hands,
by a delicate touch of sky.
Another transfer from AllPoetry. Not one of my best ones but still gonna post it.
Jayantee Khare Jan 2018
Moon O Moon!
Why are you red?
Is your mood bad?

Moon O Moon!
Why people call you?
That you go blue.

Moon O Moon!
Why are you miss?
Your sight is a bliss,,

Moon O Moon!
Why are you crescent?
And then absent.

Moon O Moon!
Why are you eclipsed?
A part is missed.

Moon O Moon!
Why are you super?
When I'm bigger.
Oh dear Earth!
Why do you blame?
It's all your game.

Oh dear Earth!
You cast your shadow,
And hide my glow.

Oh dear Earth!
You turn your face,
It's not my phase.

Oh dear Earth!
You behave psychic,
And I am called lunatic.

Oh dear Earth!
I am always same,
My shine is all your game.

Oh dear Earth!
Reflecting your color,
What is given, same I offer.

Oh dear Earth!
I don't have air.
I'm always fair.

Oh dear Earth!
Out of my love for you,
My phases caused by you.

Oh dear Earth!
My love is eternally for you,
Staying away yet eyeing for you.

Oh dear Earth!
What if you don't respond?
I will keep making your round.
Moon is my muse since childhood...
Witnessed supermoon/red moon/blue moon/Eclipse just now.....
wrote on hp directly...
No edit
spare me for childlike language...
Memories Soul Dec 2015
I love to share my soul with someone nice
I love to said the poems under my soul
I love to say to the grey sky
I love to see the grey clouds alone
I love to hear sounds of souls
I love to remember everything around me
I love to write poems to you
I love the sound of quietness
I love the memories in the mist place
I love the darkness in the ocean blue
I love to open eyes under the black sea
I love to close my eyes when I hear your soul.

My poems is slow dance with your words; My words is dancing in the blue moon under my soul.
Hyacinth Aug 2015
Clouds are as thin as satin
The cool breeze caresses our faces
Millions of stars gleam so bright
Like no other I describe the night

There I see your eyes ever so pretty
Jaw-dropped as they look at mine
Your face defines such beauty
That It cursed me with dementia

Your lips is as red as velvet
Cured my color blindness
As they move as you speak
I can't respond, I'm tongue-tied

The warmth of your embrace
Overthrew the coldness afar
As both our eyes collides
I fell more in love with you

I stare in your lips one more time
For they kept me in astonishment
Oh I really wanted to kiss them
Yet I can't cause I can't

I know that time will come
All I have to do is to keep my faith
Under this bright blue moon
I promise, with all my heart, I will wait
Inspired by the first blue moon that I had shared with someone.
Dedicated to my one true love (^_-) <3
Adriana Aug 2015
Hello Blue Moon.
How you look so lovely and bright and I do so notice your shade tonight.
It's said that your suppose to bring about change. Oh, how I could use some now.
As I gaze up and think of all that has pasted and yet I'm reminded of your eyes and I begin to remember the tiny details of your face.
Hello Blue Moon
Do you think somewhere out there someone's thinking of me? The way I'm thinking and waiting on thee. Oh, how I love that idea, but it couldn't be? For I've seen their true colors and I know where I stand.
Hello Blue Moon
How lonely I feel with these thoughts still the sight of you brings me hope. So dark and quiet as the world around me sleeps soundly and I'm so alone within. Why do I find it hard to get over you?
Hello Blue Moon
How you shine so bright and allow me to soak up your light.
Debra Lea Ryan Jul 2015
A Moon Infused By Blue Hue
Zoetic... Poetic...

GieAn Jul 2015
All the lovers stand under the moonlight
Holding hands while the sky is so bright
For them to be together forever
They must stay until the midnight is over

And I am here under the stars
Looking at the same moon with lonely scars
Alone, the cold wind whispered to me
*"Someone's waiting for you, too. You will see."
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