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Thorns Oct 2018
The lights dimmed

The music slowed

Everyone but me and him had a partner

he stood feet from me standing, watching me as I looked depressingly on the

dancing lover and their dates
I just sat on the floor my long white dress a mess

My lip stick long gone

My long hair lying frail on my shoulders
Then he looked at me and I looked back

He looked as though he was about to say something

Then he stopped himself

I nearly said something but I stopped myself
So we sat and watched the dance
The slow dance
You don't need to say it out loud when your in love...
Danielle Free Feb 2018
She’s slow dancing for lovers,
She’s crazy jazz in the moon light,
She’s still when it is silent
On a cold, tidal night.

Wavy air turns to a silver mist,
Shimmering on delicate cheeks,
It falls beneath the surface,
But the Sea, She cannot weep.
Memories Soul Dec 2015
I love to share my soul with someone nice
I love to said the poems under my soul
I love to say to the grey sky
I love to see the grey clouds alone
I love to hear sounds of souls
I love to remember everything around me
I love to write poems to you
I love the sound of quietness
I love the memories in the mist place
I love the darkness in the ocean blue
I love to open eyes under the black sea
I love to close my eyes when I hear your soul.

My poems is slow dance with your words; My words is dancing in the blue moon under my soul.

— The End —