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Memories Soul Dec 2015
I love to share my soul with someone nice
I love to said the poems under my soul
I love to say to the grey sky
I love to see the grey clouds alone
I love to hear sounds of souls
I love to remember everything around me
I love to write poems to you
I love the sound of quietness
I love the memories in the mist place
I love the darkness in the ocean blue
I love to open eyes under the black sea
I love to close my eyes when I hear your soul.

My poems is slow dance with your words; My words is dancing in the blue moon under my soul.
Memories Soul Dec 2015
Every sadness is the sound of waves
Every emptiness is sound of silence
Every words is quotes of the world
Every feels is the feeling of the air
Every dramatic is the stories of world
Everything is the beautiful
Finally, The tears will be returned to the ocean blue.
Memories Soul Dec 2015
In the darkness
In the quietness
My voice spoke in the wind of winter
In the midst of the air
My breath living in some place quietly
In the blue sky
The water flowing to the earth
In the grey sky
The black smoke return to the sky
The stars shine in the midst of darkness
The stars will be lost again
When the black fade.
Memories Soul Oct 2015
The quietness
come from under skin of the world
The wind
come from the wishes between dreams
The skies singing
in the midst of clouds
The shadows running to the shine
Old stars were some part
of the ocean blue  
Jupiter never come to the world
Jovian ring never see aurora polaris
The world never walk to the universe.

— The End —