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Teemers Apr 2014
We search for love, and any time we encounter love we introduce ourselves to such power. Cause at the end of the day its power. Makes you feel some type of way type of power. We either **** for it or strive for it. Encountering love is seen as deadly, your emotions are roller coasting through the maybes, the what ifs, the why not, oh and the who cares. Well you care, if you didn’t care you wouldn’t think about it so analytical. You wouldn’t question every aspect of f love.  It should be simple, many of us tend to fear this word yet progress conflicting its beautiful emotion with chaos. It shouldn’t be chaos, it should be passion, it should be pure, it should start slow, or it should become true. However it happens we search for love.  Women have idealized this theory of men treating women well. But it makes you reflect on, do women treat men well. In this society, that has ruined our hearts and took over our souls. We have idealized the meaning of a relationship, the meaning of two people intrigued by one another’s mind, the meaning of a happiness that occurs in silence. The energy of love being touched by one soul to another by only a curve of a smile, the beauty of a smile. Smiles change someone’s image, I, being the observant feign, have realized that you can tell when people are faking the smile cause it leads to the vibe. Energy’s feed off each other, the type of energy you give, will eventually become the same you  tend to receive. Becoming off topic is sort of my style, started it out with love thought about smiles. Cause love evaporates a smile, it flirts with your desire, it conflicts with your honor, but it can feed you everything you want to learn about  its power. Love is power, we are all humans, searching for another soul that can touch our hearts and warm up our bones. Someone that can make you feel alive when you’re stuck in that hole. Someone you share your flaws with and still be content that those flaws that excite your beauty, and if you’re imperfections weren’t pure you wouldn’t be worth it. I can be that person, the only problem is, where is my person? where is that one person that makes me cling to my seat with those sweet kisses being spread across my cheek.

— The End —