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Josh Kizax Dec 2020
There she is my ******,
Carry my dream as an African queen,
Her words are very sweet, soft, and delicate as honey,
So I feel boom! Blessed to be her only son
She is my shield in the middle of the sunny zone,
I have got nothing much to pay,
Here and there, everywhere I’ll  say;
Have seen none like my queen

I’m blessed with her long way,
She guides me in a better ray,
I appreciate, duplicate, her effort, every day
I dedicate that her love never deplete,
Dynamic, and never lead me astray.
On her side tho’ blue turn grey,
Among four am her beloved kid,
She never gave up on me,
I mean she has never been mean,  
She gives all of her to me, and always there for me        

She forgave me for all I did,
She is my pride song, and  gives me  all I need,
My peafowl, society remarkable,
Rose flower, and society reliable
Do you wonder who is she? My honorable?
She is she, not he, but family dependable,
She’s who she is, even tho’ you cease who she is according to the bible,
There she is, my beloved Mum who makes me loveable and feel cherishable.
This is a special dedication to all those who love their beautiful mothers.
Brejesh Shan Mar 2020
Why did you give me this pain, my love?
In the shower of love till the end of time
I slept in the warmth of your lap divine

Why did you abandon me?
Let me bask in the warmth of your love
Kisses you etch on my lips I need,
I’ll never kiss goodbye to this greed

I searched for your eyes, in vain
I hope to see you once again.
You are my favourite dream
I will save my tears for you, my queen.
shaynespeare Feb 2018
each other's arms is our playground
for thee, no peak i won't mount
my queen you deserve a crown
forever is where we're bound.
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2018
Eros himself took one look at you
He smiled & at once knew, no more he could do
He surmised that his arrow would just go to waste
On a woman of such impeccable Beauty and taste
To paint Love on your smile would be utterly useless
And attempts to teach your being of Love would be fruitless

This God of Love recognised what I have known from the start
That there's no greater capacity for Love
than in Your magnanimous human heart
The embodiment of Love is what, in You, he saw
The Avatar of One Love so powerful and raw

What caught him off-guard and took him by surprise
Was seeing the familiar in the Nebula of your eyes
Without doubt an incarnation of his Goddess mother
Aphrodite reborn in humanity's finest Lover
But even the Gods blush when in Love you ARE
From the Brilliance of your Aura that burns bright as a star
A heat from deep within Self that radiates wide and far

You are truly in Love and you deserve to be
Adored & Celebrated on high for all eternity
for nothing comes close to the Love You create
even Gaia's heart swells as she breathes and pulsates

Lifetimes I'll spend showing you
as often as I can
This humble twin Soul man
Will never stop Loving
his strawberry Moon Jan
an expression of the unique Love I cultivate & bathe in daily for the woman of my dreams. I'm grateful every day for our time & this unique connection and thankful for a place such as this through which to share.
Mane Omsy May 2017
Seems we are blended
So into each other
Shy smiles, held down head
Tempts me to pinch
Those sweet cheeks
This isn't oxygen
It's your scented skin
Inducing perfume
You are one of a kind
Wink at me, tame me
Lock me inside your hands
I'll hold you tight
Squeeze your love
Fill you with pleasures
From my heart to you
Mane Omsy May 2017
You made my pen
I'm left with blanks
Plain white sheets

A red lips' mark
Sealed confidential
Perfect sparkling eyes
Energetic diamonds
Breaching the limits
Is my life a lie?
A concealed passion
A perennial love
How long?
Until I spell it out
Mane Omsy May 2017
Where are your pieces?
A touch will fix it
Your stillness turns me
Violent with anticipation
Direct me towards you
I won't mind the way

A gesture to peal my skin
Spread my emotions
Draw in the atmosphere
Bring the art of love
Straight in to you
Sign the masterpiece
Inside you
Your movements make me stare and think
what a beauty!!
Mane Omsy May 2017
I can hear you near
Sneaking through the door
I can hear your bangles
Chiming lust in my ears
Your shyness keeps it real
I'll set your desire in fire
Embrace me from behind
Hug me tight, that's right
I'll hold your tiny face
And pour a thousand kisses
Bend you back to bed
Bless you with my passion
I'll love you forever
And ever
Mane Omsy May 2017
I'll have to grab you
And tell
You are a gift
The droplet from heaven
To slake my thirst

You are the crown
On my head
So prestigious
than my innocence

You can only be
The one
For me
You are my only one forever
I'll be with you forever
Mane Omsy Nov 2016
You kept the rhythm
Balancing while you're walking
I can hear you closer from behind
I pretend I didn't expect you
Closing my eyes with those soft petals
And a scent that takes my soul away

You came closer, bit my ear
I gripped on your hands
Pulled you, held you, kissed you
You revealed the beauty
You locked inside just for me
Love you a lot my queen ♡♡♡
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