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Starry Sep 9
I don't care about popular belief but this is my take on tantra and tantric ***.   Though I have never tried it and DON'T WANT TO because of my experience with its **** and from others I know.  It's is an evil and degenerative thing to do. It more ***.
DivineDao Jul 22
Sem vprašala dva mlada fanta zakaj mislita, da se zdi kot, da se ljudje zelo radi naslajajo nad nesrečo soljudi. Še posebno takrat ko je drug človek v stiski, brez energije in bi v resnici rabil samo kakšno lepo besedo, iskren pogled, pomoč etc.

Pa sta mi odgovorila:
"Zato ker so ljudje (v današnjih časih) u kurcu."

"A vesta, da je blo pred 20imi, 30imi leti velik boljš glede tega. Ljudje so se več družili med sabo, skupaj kuhal, pel, plesal, se pogovarjal med sabo."

"Ja. Verjameva!"
Ampak, tko je dons - Čudni časi so.
Hvala fanta!!!
:) :) :) Vidva zgledatá, da razumeta. Kar je v redu.  Nikol pozabit na prjatle Al pa na sočloveka v stiski.
Toxic yeti Nov 2018
The puffs.
Those mini puffs.
Then round, yellow, mini puffs.
Making things seem happy.
Making things smelll nice.
Making things simple and beautiful.
Tickling when touched.
Teaching us about love,
Warmth and family.
Round, puffy, fuzzy, yellow and petable
Yet tiny:
The yellow baby mums.
Ben Estrada Sep 2018
Doesn't take much, just a ball, a stick, and a hole,

yet it may seem more difficult when you realize the goal.

Consisting of skill but mostly luck,

with many opsticles to get you quite stuck.

A game that's enjoyed from Lexington to Brooklyn.

Played by the tribes of Levi and Benjamin.

Like how must scale a Wall to get to the Hyatt,

cheap mini golf can't be enjoyed until you try it.

dang I stink at mini golf
Poppy Sep 2018
The coffee is black... The cigarettes Reds... One kid off to school... The other one in bed...
The husband is off to work... the cats and dogs are all fed. One cup of coffee, nah let's make it two instead  ☕☕
Coco Jul 2018
My mother decided not to fight with the Earth anymore
While she wanted zucchini she let the blueberries grow.
She parked her little trailer by the trees and closed the door
I guess my mother decided not to fight with anyone anymore.

"Just what I needed" she proclaimed as she showed me around
her little trailer in the woods, wheels already sinking in the ground
A sink, a table, two coffee cups, a bed
and almost enough room to stand without hitting your head

on a three acre plot with a five bedroom home...
My mother decided not to fight with that house anymore.
"No shoes allowed," if one of the two rules of the trailer
Because my mother decided she's not gonna sweep anymore

She left home with her baby and boyfriend
in a school bus I wouldn't doubt he stole.
(My mother decided she wasn't gonna fight with her mother anymore.)
And when that wasn't working, she went off on her own.
Her son was the only man she'd fight for.

She married my father because;
"he just wouldn't leave me alone."
My mother decided not to fight it anymore
She fought for her house, her kids and she swore
she'd fight to the death if someone tried to take that from her.

Fought she did, fiercely or quietly
she did what she needed to.
How did my mother always know what to do?
One night we snuck out in the darkness
we left home for somewhere new.

She dressed us up in dresses and we drove and we drove
My mother decided we weren't going to church anymore.
We'd go to prison to see my father even though she was told
if we didn't we'd have a beach house in Jersey, everything paid for.

Because of her I know my father and love him unconditionally
Maybe my mother decided she wasn't going to keep that from me.
Because of her I know my siblings, doesn't sound like a choice
But my mother decided no one was going to separate us.

My mother decided not to fight with the Earth anymore.
She let's the weeds grow taller in the front yard, it doesn't bother her.
She'll pull them out by the roots when they're ready to go.
My mother knows what's worth fighting and fighting for.
Come with me on another long journey. This one spanning decades.
Coco Apr 2018
How does one romanticize
a love completely digitalized?
Hands never held,
but grasping nevertheless.

It'd be a lie to say I never lied
but you, you used me
to fantasize about a life
you wished you possessed.

How many sunrises spent me?
Never in reality...
It was almost midnight
at my place

as you spoke to me of high IQs
and all the girls that loved you,
and how you wished I
wasn't so far away.

I was on a train to your country.
Although it'd been years, I thought you'd see me
We spoke on the phone
when I got there.

You said that you were "so busy"
I laughed and asked you, "seriously?"
our friends said,
"it's not just you, we swear."

I waited for you at the beach.
A group of us, looking at the sea,
then I felt something sprinkle
on my head.

Above me you were, familiar sight
I pursed my smile with all my might.
I wanted to run to you
but I waved instead.

We walked together out to the cliff
I asked to go farther, you weren't interested,
so I walked to the edge
by myself.

Looking out there at the bay
you grew up near, how strange?
I am here without
your help...

Two years later, I'm back again
It's a long story, involving my friends.
I have no hopes of seeing you
this time.

I have a little life here, there's places I go.
Things are familiar, people I know.
And you don't even cross my mind.

Then we all ended up
drinking and dancing at a club
when I saw your name
in yellow neon.

Tunnel vision closed in on the sign.
What is a love I can feel that's not mine?
I felt stuck,
though I'm the free one.

It wasn't real, all you said wasn't true
I loved a you that's not really you.
I suppose I should be grateful
you kept him from me.

And no matter how much I wish it away,
I still wish I could meet him someday.
Not you, not now,
someone different completely.

I wandered back out to the cliff
In my mind I thought it so dangerous.
Why do we make things bigger
than they are in real life?

My imagination built mountains.
It built a house that we lived in.
It's abandoned now,
but I still stop by.

This was once a sanctuary,
a place where the world was your stories.
Truth was whatever
you decided to show.

And now you're off in reality
I wonder if you tell them about me.
I know a you
they'll never know.
Playing a bit with epics, this is a 4-5 year journey.
a mini
oddity here
that dies
again how
hers snap
vertically when
I doubt
she's there
but snarly
any lovely
tout she's
owned her
major virtual
clout if
snarly has
yet her
sass cute
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