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fray narte Jun 23
i can no longer say i love you
without coughing up
a calyx of petals, darling;
a flower,
for every written poetry,
a flower,
for each metaphor for your eyes.
a flower,
for each pillow-talk,
for each time i looked for
your amber eyes in a crowd,
a flower,
for each sunset wish
and each love letter buried
at the end of every song, darling —
a flower, for each time
i say i love you
without trying to say your name —
a flower for each time
i listen
to pareidolias of your voice
with the pitter-patters of the rain.

just a flower, i thought.

but darling, my lungs are now a garden
of your favorite flowers;

they are now a garden
of all the times
i tried to unlove you
and all the times
i ever failed.

darling, they are now a garden
of all my i love you’s

and all the
i love you too’s
you won’t
Alexandrea Dec 2018
I am not the girl who's every man's dream
you have no idea, you have no clue
just how much i always think about you.
You should know that my heart is at your feet
I leave it there to do whatever you wish.
When I look at you my heart skips a beat,
take my heart or leave me in this burning bliss
The voices left inside make me ill,
So i always keep it inside my heart
But i wanted to tell you how i feel
I'm still hoping that nothing falls apart,
hoping that my heart cannot be broken
Just because my love for you is
Nikki Sep 2015
She, blank-stared, eyes
The color of the forest
And filled with joy

Or none, her hands
Tight around his heart
She warns, don't say it

Sometimes he caves,
He gives into her carnal desires
And let's another night pass
Without saying how he feels

Sometimes he breaks,
Tells her that she makes
His heart beat like a drum
And he feels her everywhere
A burning passion

She, blank-stared, only listens
But she wishes she could
Let the words escape her mouth
"You mean everything to me"
David Stresow Apr 2014
Look at the stars,
and tell me where we are
while it's pitch-black dark
and cars pass so fast
we lose our balance

Look at me in
a gaze from our sins
while it's midnight dim
and we pale under lights
of a gas station
I wrote this about a love that's unspoken but definitely there

— The End —