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Heady is its scent
this here Bulgarian rose
Dazed men walk drowning
Inspired by a article:
Hops the white rabbit
In meadows where foxes lay
from life, seizing its due
Inspired from "White Rabbit"by E
Fear makes of all men
Deaf to pain that surrounds them
Listen! humanity calls
A Response to "Head in the Sand" by Rose Hopkins
The eve sets the stage
For amber turning to red
In the drink smothered
Inspired by 'Set' by Norman Crane
The clouds they rain
In thunderous clash of vapour
Life, it's ignited
A response to 'Storm' by Norman Crane
Seeing a distant glow
Like vine I shall now clamber
hoping warmth not fire
The lamp flickers as
sun it rises, shadows scurry
to alleys hidden
A response to " Shadows" by Norman Crane
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