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J Lobo 4d
Am I crazy to fall for you?
My soul, my being,
Set ablaze
At one sight of you.

In these flames, I burn
And yet I believe
My haven
Is me there with you

Am I the fool rushing in?
My heart leading
In a daze
Pulling me to you.

Your heart I am yearning,
The world to forget,
Here I kneel
My sanctum is you

Am I a dead man walking?
A loser still thinking
he's got a chance.
In the end, me with you.

In restless unease, I am
This is love, I know.
Will you say;
You love me too?
J Lobo Apr 7
Letters on the parchment
Some sweet to read,
Others breeding misery

Letters written with passion
Some with love abound
Scorn others carry

Letters in the box
Waiting their carrier
Ink waiting to scream.

Letters laid waste
One tumble scattered
A plash staking claim

Letters lay there bleeding
Unread by the reader
Their designs lost, Incomplete.
J Lobo Mar 28
This here drunk moon sets
The bottle not to blame
A feeble heart all but smitten
A response to Convo by Frances Raeburn
J Lobo Dec 2021
Colour my words, world
Light or dark, all caged in its tunes
Tongues lash out in cacophony
Thank you Sudhanshu for the inspiration in The tongue (haiku #6)
J Lobo Dec 2021
You who left me in
this here storms of your making
Dead yet or shall I bury?
J Lobo Oct 2021
Heady is its scent
this here Bulgarian rose
Dazed men walk drowning
Inspired by a article:
J Lobo Sep 2021
Hops the white rabbit
In meadows where foxes lay
from life, seizing its due
Inspired from "White Rabbit"by E
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