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artisticAR Oct 2020
Pulse quickens, your palms sweat
city lights mesmerize you
lead you to the path of regrets
where broken hearts welcome you
Love-junkies looking for their fix
Hoping you'll be the one
who'll carry the potion to their lips.
Kashish Jul 2020
I desire to soar high
In an iridescent sky
That coruscates variant gleams of light
When looked through different angles
Making me feel,
The same way you do.
Kashish Jul 2020
It's now that I know,
The light you used to radiate
Shrouded my life in darkness
The tenebrosity was split by seldom strands of light
That eventually faded away.
Madalasapriya Jun 2020
When his eyes raised questions
I left with no more answers
He traced for my essence
Even when I was never with him

Calming was his heart
Every second he whispered my name
Doesn't look he forgot me
Even I wasn't with him

Such felt forever when
I met him after a long time
Doesn't he changed his love for me
Even I left him

My silence drove his instincts
I casually narrated him
but before he concluded anything
This time his silence told me one thing
" Will you be ever with me, Don't leave me
with an excuse  "
Silence between love do speak so much
Charu Sally May 2020
Midnight hours & raindrops on the porch ;
accompanied by the wind chimes jingling ;
The sweet, sweet scent of rain on the pavement,
White curtains blowing in the wind, and the certain undefinable something that’s in the air.
That blankly stare as I move toward and stand on the edge of the balcony ;
Taking it all in as I Close my eyes &
feel the breeze,
The thunder it roars, and echos deep.
The fond remembrance of the feeling ensnared;
Just when I stumble upon petrichor ,
With all , that makes my hair blow behind and some on my face ,
Felt my feet above ground and my heart on my sleeve .
Suddenly a butterfly kiss that I can feel on my neck,
Like the cadence of your breaths upon my parched skin ;
while the grip of my hand gets tighter on the fence ,
the hot breath that I could feel as you go , tucking the lock of my hair behind the ear,
You reach for the few raindrops on your fingers and move the fingers sliding slowly from clavicle to my back ;
like the only territory of yours you’ve known,
which seems to send a refreshing chill to my spine,
For all the calmness you bring ;
The rhythm in my breath and grip of my hand,
Tells you as if this is what I have been longing for ;
You make it so enamoured , that I wouldn’t say no for ,
Feels Like we’re on the shore in the middle of the night ‬.
‪I kept my eyes closed as you ask me to ‬,
The voice that makes me go just as you want ,
‪You slightly reaching for my hand ‬& interlock yours with mine
And turn me around to you .
‪A smile that break upon my cheek ‬as I meet your eyes,
‪Whilst we just stand there and move closer to each other,
Like the sun that meets the moon;
Your permission was my demand there then,
And we went for a kiss ‬.
The taste on my fervent lips felt like a dream ;
This moment is so like a dream , yet it was
Sooner that I realised, I’m still laid on the bed while my hand rest on your side of the bed ,
It was my soul that was there & you came to.
We’re under the same sky but apart ,
But souls of ours would meet again just like moments ago ;
The moments that we’d give infinity ,
And to clouds our love , to rain again just like moments ago.
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