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Sienna Luna Feb 2019
Not sure where the family
behind us is from
but they are reciting scripture
in the mess hall cafeteria.
This lingon berry soda is almost finished and my patience is almost finish and I don’t know if I can handle what lies ahead of me and my satire stature.
It’s like I forgot how to write;
forgot how to type;
forgot how to spell and tell if I was right. It’s like I’m a meatball
floating off the plate
about to plummet
on the cold, hard ground.
Rose Nov 2017
Life is like Ikea,
Feels like it will never end,
But when it does,
It is too late.

A labyrinth you enter,
Beds and pillows guide the way,
Seems so cynical and perfect,
Still the hassle lies within.

It begins as an endless curiosity,
Soon trivially you follow the lines,
The excitement slowly fades,
It just has to be done.
Anthony McMullin Oct 2016
Pages sit atop
Shelves that bear their weight with fear.
A lone ***** looks on.
Julie Grenness Nov 2015
My muse had a good idea,
Let's flood the world with Ikea!
Dysfunctional kits, there and here.
For guns and bombs here
No one would care.
They would be assembling Ikea,
Each kit, four missing bits,
Wrong pictures to give them the blip,
Globally occupied with dysfunctional Ikea,
Now isn't this a good idea?
Peace on Earth brought by Ikea.
Bit of fun, sequel to epic ode "Death by Ikea'.
Julie Grenness Nov 2015
So, this is death by Bunnings,
This is so not funny,
So much for a store of hardware,
Then it's on to death by Ikea,
What am I doing here?
This is true fear,
Esoteric death by Ikea,
I've got absolutely no idea,
I've come home with a kit,
Comprised of a zillion bits,
Some of it's missing, it's
Giving me the blip,
How to assemble this?
Who even gives a blip?
Yes, it's death by Ikea,
A barrel of laughs here.
What bit goes here?
Doesn't even look near,
So not funny, non dears,
Total angst of Ikea,
Yes, esoteric death by Ikea.
Bit of fun. Feedback welcome.
Dreams of Sepia Jul 2015
We go to Ikea having taken
the road through the allotments
& the Park which dates back

to Victorian times.
Inside the store
we grab at rugs & bowls

lie on the beds
until someone frowns
at us & we leave to

sit in the restaurant
with Swedish apple cake
& coffee, reminiscing

of the road we used to take
on the M48 bus to the store
which was near Spandau

one of the earliest settlements of Berlin
where the first Slavs
settled & lived

& how we had
back then a family card
to give us free coffee

before it all fell apart
Ikea is a Swedish store selling everything you might want for your home.

— The End —