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Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2020
Upon this shore my unsure feet stand
Slowly sinking into soft sand
Seashells shine as they catch sunlight
And drifted wood is washed all but white

Seagulls swoop from skies and soar
Birds and prey at a natural war
The sunrise glow fades
Air grows hot
In warm display beach is caught

Illuminates the sea below
From surface to undertow
A gentle ocean breeze waltzes by
As if the water breathes with a sigh

Enhancing sunbeams that darken my skin
Tranquility I am soaking in
This morning view so peaceful and bright
Where all is well within my sight

How many summer days remaining to waste?
When snow arrives I'll miss the taste
Of saltwater bitter on my tongue
The cool sensation filling my lungs

Upon this shore I memorize
The horizon distant from my eyes
The light outside fights the darkness within
And my cares float out as the tide rolls in
And I'm just trying to surf the waves
Here’s how you gain prosperity
Pick the type of person you’ll be
In picking, keep your mind intact
Don’t be acted upon, but act

Look around at great ones you know
Their successes easily show
That this one maxim they enact
Don’t be acted upon, but act

When trying on the victim stance
Or feeling passive, take a chance
Stay on task - remember this fact
Don’t be acted upon, but act

Don’t rely on muscles and brawn
Do act - not be acted upon
Memorize this, and never go back
Don’t be acted upon, but ACT
This is Prosperity Poem 30 - You can see it on a background here -
Sketcher Nov 2018
I can't wait for winter break,
Too much work and my brain aches,
Could just stop that's all it takes,
But I'm doing this for their sake,
Learn things for tests no mistakes,
Relate fingers to great lakes,
Superior till' I break,
To Michigan that's the stakes,
Get her on to take the cake,
Ontario has the steak,
More eerie than poison snakes,
To remember words and shapes,
That's what's done rewind the tapes.
tsel Sep 2017
memorizing the details of
that one afternoon -
cold room
warm hands
heartbeats in chaos -
this will haunt me for lifetimes.
Elioinai Sep 2015
Look down
far down, down, down
into the canyon of my being
and wonder at the rainbows
splashing in the stream

take this hour
and perhaps the next
to memorize the grand duress
of English words spread east to west
Clindballe Aug 2015
I am still smoking cigarettes to burn away the words I could never say to you
I try to block my sight with smoke so I can never see you again
and no
I am not crying for you I just got ashes in my eyes from setting fire to our memorize
Written: August 1. - 2015
em Jun 2015
65 years from now when my grandchild looks me and asks me
"Grandma do your cheeks look like they are falling and why does your backbone rise higher than the rest of you?"
I will answer:

Baby girl what they don't teach you in school is that the older you get the more gravity pulls at you.
Keeping your feet planted and your mind out of the clouds.
Life moves down instead of forward.

Bones grow frail and muscles shrivel up and weaken just like your ability to dream.
Dream of what you’re going to be,
"when you grow up" because,
darling this is it. I'm all grown up.
I am all I was ever meant to be.
My clay has hardened,
no longer able to bend and curve with the wind.  
Too weak to keep walking forward.

That is why baby run while you still can,
discover the world.
Leave footprints in every corner of existence,
because when you're as old as me your feet will be sore
and won't be able to venture deeper into the pockets of the universe.
Roots now bind me to this little house where I will keep moving down.

Gravity is too strong for me now dear. My skin has already given up. Succumbing to the mighty force. Falling away from my bones that lie hollow inside my cheeks engraved,with the memories too valuable lose after  lifetime.
So that when this world had
beyond recognition,
I will still hold inside of me the days that I spent in the sun .

As for my back.
Honey, the best thing you can have is a backbone ,
because when everything in this world in pulling you down,
you're going to need something
to keep holding you up.

My backbone,
a tribute to the years
I spent tiptoeing across
the coal beds of this life’s mighty fire.  But one day it will turn into a white flag of surrender.

That is when you know that gravity has won.
I will sink back into the earth
and maybe start again…
this is a spoken word piece that i wrote today and will be performing at a small thing tommorow, ahhhhh I have less that 24 hours to practice and memorize plus I'm doing this and 2 more so I'm kinda freaking out! wish me luck ;)
Amber Bowen Dec 2014
We’re told to memorize
And we do
Defined details haunting our minds
For eternal periods of time
Did you memorize me?
All of me
These peculiar invisible wounds
Curves and straight edges
The beauty that lies in the distance
Did you?
We’ll rinse and repeat until defeat
Until we figure out how to memorize
How to remember
Once it’s there, it keeps coming back
We eventually forget
But then, for seemingly long, brief moments
We remember
Like some twisted déjà vu
Was I that to you?
Quick late night thoughts that can't seem to leave me alone.
Clindballe Sep 2014
Until now I thought that I was over you.
But I realized that I was not.
I have not been able to wear my red hoodie.

The one that I used to wear when we were walking together.
The one were you would put your hand up my sleeve and hold my hand. The one with our memorize.

So I wore it for three days in a row to convince myself that I am over you. **Mission accomplished.
Written: September 7. - 2014
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