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Here’s how you gain prosperity
Pick the type of person you’ll be
In picking, keep your mind intact
Don’t be acted upon, but act

Look around at great ones you know
Their successes easily show
That this one maxim they enact
Don’t be acted upon, but act

When trying on the victim stance
Or feeling passive, take a chance
Stay on task - remember this fact
Don’t be acted upon, but act

Don’t rely on muscles and brawn
Do act - not be acted upon
Memorize this, and never go back
Don’t be acted upon, but ACT
This is Prosperity Poem 30 - You can see it on a background here -
MaxiM Mar 2019
Nothing in life is made, only re purposed.
MaxiM 23
Ron Gavalik Dec 2018
The writer’s job
is to build the words,
not perform for applause
or join cheap cliques.
The printed word, baby,
that’s the nervous anticipation
for the 300 pound *****
who ***** the best ****.
Words are the hit of whiskey
after the sun drops
below the buildings.

-Ron Gavalik
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Bragi Sep 2018
Perfection is a competition.

Imperfection is a story.
MaxiM May 2018
Pigeons only **** on the tallest of statues.
MaxiM1: Motivation
MaxiM May 2018
You can only do so much to do right with no guidance, to quickly do wrong.
MaxiM2: Guidance
MaxiM May 2018
The sun either burns you, or, you have stayed in its grace for too long.
MaxiM3: Perception
MaxiM May 2018
Snakes go where the grass grows tall.
MaxiM4: Knowledge
MaxiM May 2018
Knowing the mountain will not tell you the climb, but help you plot a route.
MaxiM5: Planning
MaxiM May 2018
Age is not just a number, but a ruler to how well one utilizes time.
MaxiM6: Age
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