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Makenzie Marie Aug 2019
You have worked so hard. And dear, I hope you look back, and see how far you have come.  You have changed. You have grown. I hope that you embrace it
I  want to write a book
I need to make you laugh.
designed  to capture the heart
So desperate
I will do anything it takes.
Please keep me in  mind.
Before my time is up.
Can't say  what the future holds.
I dare not miss the appointed time.
So I  plead my case before I loose my sanity
Umi Nov 2018
Sighing dreamily in the depth of a friday night,
Over all the clouds, over all our little problems the stars shine down,
Shine down onto the blue, little almost meaningless dot we call our very home, the sphere filled with the gift of life and its surprises,
It is the truce of a mind put into unrest and all those worries,
One might call it a wonderful heaven, another might call it the outer abyss approaching, as our sweet mother earth turns away from light,
But there is one thing we should all agree on, just this once,
The tranquility of the night, the allure stars all shining bright,
As each creature peacefully has laid down to rest and slumbers,
Suddenly all our differences, believes and arguments,
Have together with the light vanished into the consuming darkness,
In the orchestra of life, we all have taken our role,
One might be arguably more important than another,
However, all instruments are needed for this concert.
Even if tomorrow were not to come, I wouldn't care.
After all, life is too allure to rest my eyes under this river of stars!
And its transience makes it a tale conveyed in song,
With a heart open to what the next dream will bring.

Poem number 200! Thank you all for reading, if you have that is.
Clindballe Sep 2014
Until now I thought that I was over you.
But I realized that I was not.
I have not been able to wear my red hoodie.

The one that I used to wear when we were walking together.
The one were you would put your hand up my sleeve and hold my hand. The one with our memorize.

So I wore it for three days in a row to convince myself that I am over you. **Mission accomplished.
Written: September 7. - 2014
preservationman Mar 2014
My job performance review that was given to me
I was already informed ahead of time from thee
My Grandfather came in a dream with a message for me
This is the time to move on
You have been on that job far too long
You need a job that gives you respect and where you belong
So for 32 years I got a .59 cent raise
Yet I wasn’t amazed
There was contradiction good and bad in how I performed
However, my Department Manager only had been in the company one year, so he didn’t really understand the norm
The whole time I was remembering my Grandfather’s advice
Now I am ready to move on and not think twice
Move forward and not look back
Think excellence, but use tack
Thee is on my side, and with the combination, I shall stride.

— The End —