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I miss the way you would quietly whisper into my ear, "No you", And then somehow or another we would be back to saying, "UwU", I miss the way Stauber would play when you wanted to kiss to Jack, I miss the way you melted onto me when I touched your bare back, I miss the way you broke the ice by tempting me with your face so close, By the close touch of your mouth and tongue and the slight rubbing of the nose, I miss the way we flop around the attic cause we're high and slacking, I miss the way you stop kissing me and then say sorry I have to go back in, I miss the way you said, "I like you" which turned into, "I love you", which makes me think this whole relationship is too good to be true, because you have the perfect personality and your face is just too cute, I sincerely hope we're soulmates and this whole things absolute.
Full of inside jokes. Made for one specific person.
Sketcher Feb 11
Sharing is caring. Sharing love is daring. So is staring into the eyes of the one you love. Blaring heartbeat, whether girls or guys, below or above the thighs determines **** or love. Either way gets you high flying like a dove when I try to contemplate whether it's lie or love. Love repeated and used to rhyme with itself, cause each love is different, like you're a **** or ****, or no mom or no dad, no parents to teach you about the love you never had, here comes the guilt, tho you did nothing bad, the word "sorry" was spilt, out the mouth now I'm mad, put my mind at a tilt... confusion. Anxious love intrusion, I can feel our bodies fusing, must be looking for a bruising, she really had that clever rusing, smoked a blunt, then I'm puking, hole in one, not trying punt, so she's accusing me of cheating, like I would see someone else, while shes bleeding cause she fell, so deep in love, and always needing, a push or a shove, so there's receding instead of a clingy human melting onto me, is this really love?
Sketcher Feb 8
I love you. I can't stand by and watch you torturing yourself. It's like watching someone I love **** another person I love. The only viable options would be to stop them from killing eachother or separate from them entirely because there is no reason to just stand by and watch... or is there?
Sketcher Feb 7
You're saying this entire time I could've been her lover. But now I have to rhyme about the fact she calls me brother and every now and then she refers to herself as mother. I have to play the close family role which works because I love her. Now when she walks by me I feel the need to duck and cover so I dont have to see her with her significant other and this significant other, she also calls him brother. And I thought I was special. Oh to **** with it, **** her. This ***** is a vacuum. Her occupation is a sucker. She likes visiting her abusive ex that once struck her over the head and then had the ***** to text both her parents numbers talking lies about how much she had made him suffer. Wait... stop a minute... let me buffer.... I'm confused. You obviously understand the discomfort yet you won't stop the constant way you seem to mutter that everything is fine and then you cut undercover. In the past you have said that you have recovered. That's obviously not the case because you've discovered knives that cut things much tougher than butter. I really want to help you, do you not understand every word that I utter. I'm typing this **** out so I know I didn't stutter. I want you to know that you're the greatest hugger and the best worst friend that could attach to a lover.
Hurts. The pain ever intensifies.
Sketcher Feb 7
Okay... see... I really like this girl and I've liked her for a while. She's a silly type of girl that would go the extra mile for any guy that might want *** from the forest to the tile. They might seem as sweet as can be, but they turn out to be vile. There's this one ****** guy who's only nice perk was his smile. He got her pregnant last year and she's about to have a child. I guess this was bound to happen, cause she's that type of wild that would get married at 18 and then immediately file for divorce in the courts, of course this would happen. While I'm studying the art of pickup, she gets sitting on his lap and then he might decide to stick his **** up and start clappin, cause I was never able to man up and I was too scared tap in. I guess my major hiccup was my constant state of rapping. Where has poetry ever even gotten me. Just a hobby while I'm stuck in this secluded monotony. I just hope one day I can say someone spotted me. In the meantime I'll be a lonely poet in the club of 'Forgoten Thee'.
Sketcher Feb 5
How do you know who cares and who doesn't,
Who's your aquantince and who's your friend,
A friend will always choose to show their love,
Making you feel happy a common trend.
They will give advice that you need to hear,
Whether you like what they say or not,
They will give you a shoulder to cry on,
They should be making you laugh alot.
Does their presence make you burst with joy,
Or simply make you wish life to go on,
They should give you comfort from dawn to dusk,
And make you feel welcome from dusk to dawn.
Sometimes there's rough times that lead to dismay,
This could possibly lead to a fallout,
With fake friends that you thought would always stay,
True friends will always stay without a doubt.
If they do care, then how much and how deep,
Both your carings should grow and amass,
Does their caring show in dreams during sleep,
Does their caring show from future to past.
Can you look back on times when they were there,
Look forward and know that they will be,
Reminisce in memories you share,
Share secrets to whatever degree.
Trust in them to the fullest extent,
And long for their elating presence,
Hear what they say and understand what they meant,
Show compassion in indubious pleasance.
Would they cry and feel pain if you died,
Would they go through the ultimate strife,
Would their agony fill to the ceiling,
Would they eventually take their own life.
Never take a true friend for granted,
They are more rare than you would ever think,
Be there and care for the ones you love,
For you could loose them within a blink.
There they go.
Sketcher Feb 4
When I'm bored, I get depressed. No motivation, so the stress stockpiles in a mess like loose files or a test that I never studied for cause I'm way to busy thinking about a ***** and that one time we smoked a blunt. Now she's dizzy. Smoke some more. Feel her ****. That ****'s drippy. Kiss me twice. Falls out the door. Kinda tipsy. Never came back. Said she loves me, then she attacked. This isn't healthy. Hurt my heart and mentally pulled me apart piece by piece.
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