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Sketcher May 2020
As last month came to a finish,
I felt my ego diminish,
Another layer shaved off,
Of my identity.
Now I feel closer to truth,
And I let the being move,
Dodging corona coughs,
With simplicity.

I live by the bliss,
Of "It is what it is",
Negating the strife,
While I sit in quarantine and rhyme.
I wish that everyone saw,
With the eyes God had brought,
To my comfortable life,
In this fearful time.
Sketcher May 2020
Undeniably the greatest annoyance in my perceivable existence,
Someone take him by the arm cause he's gonna need some assistance,
When he figures out he can't resist this way I spit fire with supersonic consistence,
I would go full force on him, but his dad does that enough,
I'm talking 'bout when he gets beat with the belt, and the **** stuff,
He sits in his depression on his phone, waiting for a friend to holla,
Or when his dad leaves and he's all alone, he moans, getting licked on his **** by his dog Nala,
Eventually he meets up with his inferior faggoty friend who's hair is **** brown and reddish,
Then they be off ******* each other's toes cause his whole God awful *******,
I almost killed him once, on a four wheeler, driving full throttle,
He almost killed himself once, getting beat after taking a **** in a shampoo bottle,
His abuse complex with his dad isn't escapable,
So he attempts to take his anger out on the masses,
Although he was properly educated and capable,
In high school, he ended up taking four special ed classes,
In the special ed wing,
I'd catch him talking to some girls,
He called "pretty things",
And he took the hand of my world,
Yes, tried a hand at my girl,
So I took a right swing,
At his jaw and he swirled,
Back to his thotty boys,
And makeup-caked girls,
This bisexual *****,
Has another thing coming,
If he thinks he's *******,
For my ***,
Cause the only time I finish last in this world,
Is when I'm on top of MY girl, *******.
Sketcher May 2020
The roses burn black,
The violets are dead,
This **** girl,
Won't get out of my head.
I hit the sack,
Out in the shed,
No roof, so the stars,
Reflect off my bed.
My heart has a crack,
But only the one,
The roses burn black,
While the heart goes numb.
Sketcher May 2020
The path to the shed completely untouched,
Her footprints still engraved in the soot,
The best possible privacy, although it wasn't much,
Unto this day, those walls stay put.
The blanket remained splayed on the wobbly table,
Candles for wax play set off to the side,
Glorious memories and unwanted fables,
Collect in the walls, in the walls they hide.
Sketcher May 2020
Absolutely no hostility,
Perceived when she speaks,
Lovely letters spill down,
Into little sentence creeks,
The arch in her gaping smile,
Produces dimples in her cheeks,
Whenever anguish arrives,
Her elation is what I seek,
Her brightly glowing soul,
Reflects the shining sky,
Leaving depression tears,
Destroyed and vaporized,
So whenever I appear sad,
Know I'm just a guy,
That is crying ecstasy...
The result of her soft eyes.
Sketcher May 2020
She texted me...
Told me she was scared,
Said that the world was against her,
And life was unfair,
I asked why...
And if she was okay,
She said, "No,
I've been wearing a fake smile all day,,
Today was supposed to be my day,
But my parents started arguing,
Mainly about forgetting certain gifts,
At the Bargain Bin."
It was all down hill from there,
But I let her finish,
She told me her troubles and I said,
"I'll be there in a minute",
It took me an hour,
To drive to her house,
It took a while to get there,
Although I took the fastest route,
When I pulled in,
I was afraid I was too late,
For she had a history,
Of negative mental states,
But I walked into her house,
And then walked into her room,
And acted as the man,
That could see her darkness loom,
I picked her up of her bed,
And then gave her a hug,
Then put her back down,
And tucked her in snug,
I sat at the edge of her bed,
And listened with a smile,
As she talked and talked and talked,
For a very long while,
As the night went on,
A certain tension rose,
She asked for one last hug,
But then she held me close,
For longer than intended,
She didn't let me leave,
So I had laid by her side,
And we both fell asleep.
Sketcher May 2020
It's apparent a parent would glare at their transparent impairments. A viral mimicry, a parrot, coughing into their coffin, barfing leads to causing unstopping hand washing. Watching the currently conceived serene scene to see if they been seen. Stop it.
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