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wes parham Jul 2020
When misunderstandings flew every direction,
I tried to blame you, I gave it a shot.
But despite all the anger, resentment, correction,
Petty and cruel is something I'm not.

So it's time to step back,
Pull my head from the sand,
Outside of my self-absorbed ego, and stand...
Embrace the all,
and find it sufficient,
To still the mind and be with what is,
Pain and pleasure, in equal measure,
To God or Caesar, hers or his...

And on that June day, beside the black hearse,
I'll swear I caught sight of an eye or a mind.
Our new paths led to the first rehearsal.
The curtain opens and cold, we find,
We’re on the stage in a role reversal,
And though we may be deaf and blind,
     We hear a song,
            See a dance,

#npminspire #forgiveness #taken #given
Forever indebted for perspectives given and friendships extended, for life and the fact that we must all one day say goodbye one last time.
Tizzop Dec 2019
"i don't want to rule or conquer anyone;
  i should like to help everyone if possible —
  jew, gentile, black man, white
  we all want to help one another;
  human beings are like that."

charlie chaplin wrote these words for
"the great dictator" a political satire  
the nazis didn't want to hear anymore
but the dictator's speech went viral

in a wehrmacht's cinema, partisans of tito
made fun of ****** and exchanged
a propaganda-film for chaplin's video
an audience of nazis raged

a flash of fun in a "*****" led by
insane murderers on stimulants


mr. chaplin i do thank you for
your outcry emerging from
human tragedy.

good bye...

R.I.P. Charles Spencer Chaplin
✞ December 25th 1977

God bless you.
Today is a good day.


"[Beste Version] Der große Diktator - Rede von Charlie Chaplin + Time - Hans Zimmer (INCEPTION Theme)"

"Xavier Naidoo - Der Fels // Allein Mit Flügel - Live aus dem Mannheimer Schloss"
Tizzop Dec 2019
speaking for millions of
people who were and who have been suffering from addiction:

i do have to thank the two of you.
the tradition of the twelve steps had not existed before you created and established them.

you have a shelter in my
mind and in my soul.

God bless you.
R.I.P. Bill and Bob
In the first time in human history, addicted people benefit from a method that helps them to stay clean and sober. Effectively. Find out more below:

Simply meet them.
In person, online or via phone.

Anonymously and for free.
They are unprejudiced.

Avery Nov 2019
You never let me call you in those last days
Because you didn't want me to see what you had become
As if you'd ever be anyone else than
The man who laughed when I forgot the water in the cake mix
Who knocked me off the couch with his yelling at a football game
Someone with talents and always some good advice
A hero with the strongest heart
Despite it hating you now and then
I'll still remember our final talks
And how you had always said it was your greatest regret
To not live to see what I'd do with my life

I remember your funeral
Somehow I couldn't cry
The only dry eye
I've made up for that as of late
In memoriam
Crow Jun 2019
what were the means by which
they came to wear a uniform
it is meaningless now

what was the color of their skin
in what manner did they speak
what was their music
what place was home

all that made them who they were
overshadowed now
by why they are gathered

wearing that uniform
standing in ranks
standing for their fellow
warrior beside them

giving to the final breath
for the most precious
gifts they themselves
had been given

whether family was
10,000 miles away
or next to them in a hole
in the dirt
so close each could feel
the others pounding heart

they are in ranks still

at Arlington
at Leavenworth
at Miramar
at Normandy
at Belleau
at Manila
at hundreds more
and unseen graves in
jungles and mountains
all around the world

ranks that will stand till
the earth itself changes
Written first for Memorial Day less than two weeks past. But I felt it appropriate for the 75th anniversary of D-Day as well.
J L James Oct 2018
Carry my prayer

From this earthly place

Through time and space

To your infinite grace
An angel  said "write".
Oscar Osorio Sep 2018
Here’s to the dark clouds forming
And the waves crashing
To the sirens calling
And the fearful losing hope
Here’s to the blood lose
And to the salty tears
To the mountains roaring
And to the lonely graves
Here’s to the pill poppers
And to the Henny drinkers
Let’s not forget the loveless
And to the broken temples
Here’s to my dreams in hell
And to my fears in heaven
Here’s to me
For I am lost
And will never be found
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