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The Seashore Gathering
by Rabindranath Tagore
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

On the seashores of endless worlds, earth's children converge.
The infinite sky is motionless, the restless waters boisterous.
On the seashores of endless worlds earth's children gather to dance with joyous cries and pirouettes.
They build sand castles and play with hollow shells.
They weave boats out of withered leaves and laughingly float them out over the vast deep.
Earth's children play gaily on the seashores of endless worlds.
They do not know, yet, how to cast nets or swim.
Divers fish for pearls and merchants sail their ships, while earth's children skip, gather pebbles and scatter them again.
They are unaware of hidden treasures, nor do they know how to cast nets, yet.
The sea surges with laughter, smiling palely on the seashore.
Death-dealing waves sing the children meaningless songs, like a mother lullabying her baby's cradle.
The sea plays with the children, smiling palely on the seashore.
On the seashores of endless worlds earth's children meet.
Tempests roam pathless skies, ships lie wrecked in uncharted waters, death wanders abroad, and still the children play.
On the seashores of endless worlds there is a great gathering of earth's children.

Originally published by The Chained Muse. My translation is based on an untitled text in Bangla (Bengali) first published in 1912 and known as "60" due to its numerical placement. Tagore made history by becoming the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature the following year. Keywords/Tags: seashore, gathering, children, sky, sea, water, dance, sand castles, shells, boats, play, nets, swim, fish, pearls, ships, waves, songs, mother, lullaby, baby, cradle, tempests, death
she ceased
seaside shell sales
seeing as she suffered
several severe seizures
sitting supposedly safely
by the seashore
inspired by a lyric in the pagan babies (band courtney love was in) song best sunday dress - "No more seizures by the sea"
Jazeera Feb 12
And we went
to the sea shore...
Far away from
all the bustling little town
I collected all the seashells
While she collected
the perfect ones...
We then filled our bags
with a bunch of seashells
But what I collected
the most was
a bunch of memories.....
A beautiful day to remember...
TS Ray Oct 2019
When your mind is racing like a horse,
You bet on it to go faster,
To places where no man has ever gone before,
Maybe to the prairies and more, and
When there is nothing much left to explore,
You stop to think about it some more, and
You realize just talking to her on the seashore,
You don't need nothing more than her loving encore,
As her charm alone is enough to re-explore
Anamika megan Jun 2019
The sun sets and darkness restores,
Sitting by sea shore its beauty I adore.
For the starry sky and cosmos' gold dust,
Pure and ardent love of ocean I behold.
With red wine and nebula birthing stars,
Here I sit to solace the sorrow of dying shooting stars.
Sanjali Jan 2018

Sitting alone at the seashore
I await your return,
To see the flags on the horizon
Beyond the setting sun.

Waiting alone at the seashore
I shiver from the breeze.
The waves shatter my wisdom
and I stay all eternity.

Trembling alone at the seashore
I overlook my despair.
Numb fingers mark liberation
From this hard coarse sand.

Forgetting myself at the seashore
I look for a cause
To abide by this meditation
When the origin is lost.
Clive Blake Jun 2017
Oh, Golden globe;
Far out to sea,
You seem to beckon;
Call out to me,
You light a path
For me to follow,
Your voice is warm,
Not cold or hollow,
Though sorely tempted,
I must decline,
But wait once more
For you to shine.

The clouds moved by,
The wave crests danced,
But I couldn’t leave;
For I was entranced ...
Areeba Azeem Oct 2016
Strolling through the  Sea
Flock of birds flying in Sky
Joying  the adore rain.
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