7h Semicolon
I hate this softness
that infests me to my core
pretty parasite
  7h Semicolon
Maybe it's the way you look at me,
Maybe it's the way you hold me,
Maybe it's the way you care for me,
Maybe it's the way you talk to me,
Maybe it's the way you understand me,
Maybe it's the way we joke around,
Maybe it's the way we love,
Maybe all it is
Is you.
I wish I was a bird
Maybe a blue jay or a finch
because I could brighten the world
with my vivid colors
and sing peacefully
through the mornings.
Maybe I could be a heron
large and lanky
with legs that stretch tall
and hold me higher than others.
But maybe being an owl would suit me
those smaller would fear me
my majestic and glorious self
large fluffy wings carrying me
all through the night.
But maybe I'd just be a hummingbird
Small and fragile
Almost invisible to everything else
yet I'd still make such an impact.
I guess I wish I was bird
because I'd finally be able to fly free
in a way I could never do
without a set of wings.
In case ya don't know Ornithology is the study of birds.
I feel like writing
but what?
What is there left
to talk about?
Just about everything's
been said or done
at some point,
so what is there left to write.
And how can it be
that there are still
new combinations
for people to write.
So now what do I write?
I guess this will do.
Not good, but I was bored
"Don't touch me," I whisper.
Usually a phrase reserved
for those who have a reason.
Abuse, assault, or something along those lines.
Not for me
a girl without a reason.
Maybe its an anxiety thing
or part of the depression.
Or simply because
I'm afraid.
Touch is equivalent to affection.
Maybe I think I don't deserve it
or maybe I'm scared to hold onto it.
But nevertheless
you'd think a person would listen.
Back away or freeze
And decide not to touch you
because its not what you want
whether its only a kiss or hug
from a family member
You'd think they'd register a no.
But they don't
they surge forward
wrapping themselves around you
suffocating me until I'm gasping for breath
"Please don't touch me"
means nothing to those
who have hugged you before
because they think they're special.
What is love?
Is there really a definition
for something so broad.
I doubt you can narrow it down.
Which is why I say
"I don't know"
when you ask.
Because how do you know
if you've been in love
if you can't even define it?
Maybe I am in love
but how would I know?
How does anybody know
if they've ever truly loved someone?
I was an idiot
Blinded by smiling teeth,
A hint of red in pink lips,
Flecks of hazel dotting green eyes.
smeared mascara tricking me into thinking
That maybe you cared.
Something old I found...
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