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Secret Jul 2019
I keep hoping it withers
I keep hoping it'll leave me alone
The feeling never left me
It only grew stronger
Over time, I couldn't imagine a life without it
It makes me whole
I know this has to go away
I can't live with this forever
I don't want to live like this forever
But love is too strong
And it'll never wither away.
ro l l l  c  r e d it s
Secret Jun 2019
I wrote it with the help of others
They helped for the better and for worse
Some didn't even know how they influenced it
Others don't know that the story even exists
Barely anyone knows it exists
The world's so huge
So many people
My story won't be heard by all of them
My story will be forgotten
But maybe that's alright
If someone can remember my story for just a little bit longer
I'll be happy
some positivity came and I didn't even expect it
Secret Jun 2019
Tell me them
I want to hear you say it
I don't care if you don't mean it
Lie to me
I can't stand this
This unspoken hell
The hell that was unleashed suddenly
Talk to me at least

Secret Jun 2019
What do you want to think of?
Your best friend?
That one guy who never gave back your pencil?
Or do you want to think of yourself?
No, you say.
You let out a chuckle,
why would you want to think of yourself?
You're the most boring person you know.
Thinking of anyone else is easy.
Think of their jokes, their looks, or maybe how unlikeable they are.
They wouldn't even know if you thought it.
Be more positive, she said.
I'm getting bored of her ranting, he thought.
But did he really think that?
Or are you just making this up?
You wonder if other people feel like this.
No, no they wouldn't. They don't have a reason to!
They're so much better than you.
Do they know that?
What if they want to be like you?
What if they wanted to be like the person you hated the most?
Maybe everyone feels this way.
You're overreacting, you thought.
You know you're telling the truth.
You never lie to yourself.
Like the time you thought that you didn't need 3 meals.
Like that time you thought that they wouldn't care if you-
You may think that this poem means something.
But it really doesn't.
I can say this with a cold voice, with no emotion.
This poem holds no emotion.
It's just a concept.
Not sure if this is a vent or a short story kinda?
Secret Jun 2019
I can't think of anything else than that.
Such a simple, basic, topic.
Writer's block isn't fun,
but this isn't writer's block.
I should write this down.
Write it all down,
drown others with your words.
Write everything
how you feel
what you want to do
what you wished you had done
That's what this is.
It's not writer's block.
It's something different.
It's just
my mind
Secret Jun 2019
"You're doing the right thing"
They once said to her.
Abandoned, is she.
She tried to listen to them,
She took their advice.
She took him in.
Prepared his meals, his clothes, his bed.
Never a thank you was heard.
She tried to teach him that she loves him.
She never convinced him.
Each time she heard those words,
her heart broke ever so slightly more.
She was deteriorating.
Her mind lost hope each second.
He never listened.
He never listened!
She wanted to teach him a lesson.
She wanted to show how much she could've done to him for months.
It was supposed to teach him a lesson.
He just hated her more.
Poor little girl.
Mind twisted and broken.
Eventually, though,
They finally were found together.
Two corpses, eyes opened.
Her heart began to flutter.
a little story through a poem <3
Secret May 2019
What should I write
Something happy?
Something sad?
Something emotionless?
An opinion?
A story?
A battle?
An explanation?
A letter?
A note?
A clue?
An article?
A poem?
Something super ******* repetitive?
Who knows.
I had no idea what to write but still wanted to write so~
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