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mokitovice Apr 2018
Oh darling,
If only I could tell you how beautiful you are to me,
I know you and I were never meant to be,
But I was so capricious and reckless,
And I thought I could fool destiny,
Kidnap you, take you with me and and re-writte the code
But somethings are not meant to be,
mokitovice Jun 2017
You’re the only mistake I’ll make twice, knowing I stand no chance.
mokitovice Mar 2016
Tonight I want to kiss you
Close my eyes and go back to that December
Lose myself in a moment and give it all to you

Take me by the hand,
Take me back to that December
To the night you told me,  
The moon was cheating on the sun with the stars
mokitovice Feb 2016
Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose
mokitovice Oct 2015
Gazing memories,  searching clues
Not that kind of girl..
But you can turn me into the impossible
The impossible lover
And the beautiful pain
The strength i never thought i had
With the promise of happily ever after ♡
mokitovice Aug 2015
See, that could have been our song,
For a while it was..
A magical while
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