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Jun 2019
"You're doing the right thing"
They once said to her.
Abandoned, is she.
She tried to listen to them,
She took their advice.
She took him in.
Prepared his meals, his clothes, his bed.
Never a thank you was heard.
She tried to teach him that she loves him.
She never convinced him.
Each time she heard those words,
her heart broke ever so slightly more.
She was deteriorating.
Her mind lost hope each second.
He never listened.
He never listened!
She wanted to teach him a lesson.
She wanted to show how much she could've done to him for months.
It was supposed to teach him a lesson.
He just hated her more.
Poor little girl.
Mind twisted and broken.
Eventually, though,
They finally were found together.
Two corpses, eyes opened.
Her heart began to flutter.
a little story through a poem <3
Written by
Secret  13/F
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