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Secret Jun 2019
"You're doing the right thing"
They once said to her.
Abandoned, is she.
She tried to listen to them,
She took their advice.
She took him in.
Prepared his meals, his clothes, his bed.
Never a thank you was heard.
She tried to teach him that she loves him.
She never convinced him.
Each time she heard those words,
her heart broke ever so slightly more.
She was deteriorating.
Her mind lost hope each second.
He never listened.
He never listened!
She wanted to teach him a lesson.
She wanted to show how much she could've done to him for months.
It was supposed to teach him a lesson.
He just hated her more.
Poor little girl.
Mind twisted and broken.
Eventually, though,
They finally were found together.
Two corpses, eyes opened.
Her heart began to flutter.
a little story through a poem <3
Randy Johnson Mar 2019
A man has kidnapped two people and is demanding 50 million for their safe return.
But people have discovered who the two hostages are and they are not concerned.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two people who have been kidnapped.
People won't give a plug nickel for the safe return of those two pieces of crap.
Clinton and Trump won't be coming home any time soon, they are trapped.
If somebody does pay the ransom, he or she will certainly deserve to be slapped.
Secret May 2015
Strong hands pulling you away from everything you know
A silent scream that no one can hear
One hand on your mouth
One hand moving down

Your world ripped apart before your eyes
Everything you once knew: gone
Denial, shame
Oh what a lovely game

Hello where'd my childhood go
It's been snatched before my eyes
Everyone's crying
But no one sees me

You can't print flyers asking for it back
It isn't something broadcasted on the news
Something been taken from you, something you should never lose so soon
Your world soon turns inside out

You're not a kid anymore
Your mother and father no longer matter
You've gotten older too fast
Your heart has gone cold

-But what do you expect when your kidnapper steals your home.
Kat Herondale Feb 2015
I Stare Down At The Ground.
My Eyes Are Tempted To Drift Towards You,
But I Know Better.
My Eyes Jump To The Loud Noise,
In This Silent Room.
I Stand Silently, Walking Towards The Noise.
I Spin Around- Only To See You,
Hanging From The Rafters,
I Shut My Eyes,
My Head Screaming To Pull You Down And Scream Until You Wake,
But I Know It Shall Never Work.
You Have Perished,
A Silent Tear Making It's Way Down My Face.
I Fall To The Ground, Crying Softly,
You Claimed You Where Okay,
Not That I Should Have Cared For My Kidnapper.
Or My ******.
But What Can I Say,
It's A Case Of Being A Misanthrope.
I Love Him.
I Love Him.
I Love Him.
Your So **** Selfish.
Waiting Till I Loved You With All My Heart,
To End It All.
I'll Never Forget,
My Case Of Being A Misanthrope.
~ Kat Herondale.

— The End —