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Saint Audrey Apr 2017
Leaden feet
Soul heavy
Constriction wracks my chest
Eyesight fading out at best

Every step
Burdens me
Drowing out my screams
They don't know what i mean

Cold are we
Faceless sea
The crowd is sundered
With a sound of thunder

Chemical feeling
Rising faster
Black metal plating
Hidden by color

Nausea knowlage
Turning over
Sterile and voiceless

The second freezes and the door explodes
One or two to every home
The crowd plays on
A silver show
And all of mine
are on their own

The masks are on
Every sillable
of every song
The Loss of feeling
I have no doubt
And they are carried off

A few rounds pop off
The music stops
For a split second order holds everyone still as stone
Then my life is taken before my naked eyes
And I wake up here, alone, surrounded by the flock

My heart has been torn from my chest
God give me strength
Prathipa Nair Feb 2017
Dancing on the floor of sky
Touching every single star
Twinkling to my moves
Comes the moon walking towards me
With a mysterious smile
Lifting me on its shoulders
Moves hastily through white clouds!
As I hear the sweet, soothing sounds of
violins playing in concert.
I recollect being forced to hunch
down inside a speeding car while
being instructed to keep quiet
or else. In my minds eye I see
the prescription bottle with his
name on it. Of course, he didn't
know that wandering piece of plastic
would be the evidence to link him
to the crime, to do him in.
16 years for 4 rapes.
I'd say he got off easy. The
little devastating torturous things
that come to mind during
seemingly enjoyable events.
Memories sweet memories.
When will this concert end?
K G Jan 2017
The water tosses saddles within the mist
Scribbling a mesmerizing sunshine of gold
The rest is in her head, as it tail spins
Cold ankle shivers, waking waves of snow
Easing the sniffling sipper's imprisonment
Beneath the bungalow
"Help me, help me! My dogs gone missing"
The girl lost that dog on a foggy day,
in the dreaded street of Drury Lane.
"help us, help us! Our daughters gone missing!"
last location?
where were you?
the man was watching in the tress,
under the house and through the seams.
He snatched that little girl,
and left her body in the fog.
What world is this?
Why did he take her?
All the kids now say,
"Don't go to the foggy red house on Drury Lane"
Tear Drop Dec 2015
Sam Pepper posted a video
on YouTube. It showed one
friend pretending to be
kidnapped, and shot and
killed in front of his best
friend. His best friend,
believing that he'd watched
the other die, said,
"Please, no, he's all
that I have."
Jillian Jesser Nov 2015
and when your babies were born
you named them for the stars
but the backyard was all they ever saw
when your mother got the call
the world was obsessed
but when we change the channel
you'll still feel him inside
you'll still feel him
Duzy Apr 2015
I want the sun on my face, I want the wind in my hair.
I want to be free to be seen, in air sunny and clean so the world cries out: where have you been all my life?

I want the rain on my skin, I want the sand in my toes.
I want to be out and about, hear my kids laugh and shout ‘til the world cries out: where have you been all your life?

Empty streets, bustling bars, quiet rooftops, beeping cars. Big hearts, rosy faces, warming smiles in public places. Silent library, noisy playgroup, vendors scream out the latest news scoop.

“girl locked in cellar for 24 years” Dad wears the cuffs. Mum cries the tears. Concentrate on my thoughts so my feeling’s diminished. Back in the real world, I realise he’s finished.

I want the sun on my face, I want the wind in my hair.
Perhaps a bit dark for the first one I post?
Elise Apr 2015
I was distracted from colors so bright
By the scrumptious cakes and chocolate bars
I walked through those doors, taffy past my height
Where I saw sweet teas and candy cigars

Bins filled with lollipops and gummy bears
Colorful gum ***** and chocolate coins
Chocolate dipped plums and delicious pears
Oh, how very sweet! The ache in my *****.

One man so strange tapped me on the shoulder
“Hello,” said the man, breath scented of smoke
“There is more candy out where it’s colder”
I follow him out. He hands me a coke.

But to my surprise, no candy outdoors.
In the trunk of his car and on all fours
It's about a child abduction somewhere in the 1930's or so
Hunter K Feb 2015
Fourteen long stormy years ago,
Was a dark and gloomy night,
A spidery women as far as we know,
Was looking threw every house's window,
She walked ever so delicately over the snow,
Keeping herself out of sight,
Not a part of her seemed to glow,
All except her eyes that were anything but white.

Not so far away,
A newborn child lay,
Sleeping ever so peacefully,
Smiling ever so sweetly,
How could this creature resist?
The longing she had for that child,
Was a feeling she could not dismiss.

Forget the child's parents!
He must be her new prince,
Her next movements were completely errant,
As the creature just lost control,
She snatched the child up,
Holding him like a pup,
She fled to safety,
Before the child awoke,
The mysterious spider lady,
Took him to her home,
To raise him as her very own.

Now present day,
The child now given himself his own new name,
A prince? That is not want he wants to be,
He wishes to have his own word free,
Tired of staring at blank walls,
The child for the first time travels threw new halls,
Leaving the place his once called home,
Not knowing the new places he will roam,
Not knowing the adventures he will have,
Or the people he will share them with.
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