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Mae May 2019
Sadness and grief shrouded
her heart like a storm:
left aching with a world breaking,
yearning to be protected entirely
without fear of loss or separation,
an endless thought in the dark.
Mae Apr 2019
Slight wondering for an instant,
like a soft surrender,
strayed into her existence
like a burning embrace.
Mae Apr 2019
a smoke shadow
     the uncertain tremble
            a mind fiercely
dreaming - a - dark - melody
Mae Apr 2019
Is there anything in the world
sadder than unrequited love?
I’m not talking about romance;
that’s a completely different story.

But I mean loving someone
so deeply only to find
they barely think of you.

Missing someone so much
and crying yourself to sleep
only to find they get annoyed
when you reach out to them.

Craving their love and attention
only to find they think you’re needy.

This. This feeling. This is what I believe
is the equivalent to swallowing sand
every time you talk to that one person.

Breaking apart inside and drowning
as you slowly realize you are nothing.
Nothing special to the one you hold dear.
That is what I consider unrequited love.
Mae Apr 2019
He looms over her
greedy eyes, a crooked sneer
that croons–Up at last?
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