Bobcat Oct 1
This bed it is a bridge
Of what is real and fantasy
I despise reality
I'd rather keep dreaming
Where I am free
To be alive
Where I will thrive 
And my heart can be
Free from knives 
I will not cry 
I can not feel
I stay in bed to escape what is real
Bobcat Sep 12
Tell me how am I supposed to end this?
This feeling in my stomach, is it endless?
I can't say that any of this makes sense,
but this has got me feeling apprehensive.

In my brain all I get is emotional feedback.
It always makes me take a few steps back.
I don't know what's wrong with my brain.
I can feel the static flow through my veins.

I'm trying to end the ringing in my ear.
A sound like voices that are not quite clear.
Do I have a loose wire or bad connection?
Can someone point me in the right direction?

So testing, testing, one, two, three.
May I have your attention please;
Why am I letting this get the best of me?
Pull the plugs so I can finally get some sleep.

I don't need a doctor just an electrician,
So they'll fix me not just give me medicine.
Maybe I should stop expecting everyone to help.
But this is something I just can't fix myself.
Bobcat Sep 11
When I try to sleep, I remember all my fears,
And every mistake I've made in the past five years.

My heart feels heavy, alone in a crowded room.
Suffocating claustrophobia, will this be over soon?

This is exhausting, trying to win this fight.
Hand over mouth, nothing's felt so right.

I'm running out of breath, I can't make this climb.
Chasing down the clock, seems I'm out of time.

First cut, not always the deepest.
Watching in the mirror, I dont wanna miss this.

In debt, I guess you can say that I owe you.
All these years, still can't say that I know you.

Close your eyes, tell me I hit close to home.
Lie to my face, I'm tired of feeling all alone.

Always changing, why do I feel the same?
Pointing fingers, I know I'm to blame.

Tell me you care, don't cut all ties.
Don't lose focus, I'll find some truth in your disguise.
Bobcat Aug 8
Tell me again how fire is dangerous
As you're standing there playing with matches
You strike the sulfur that would ultimately end us

You beg me not to leave but you push me away
I never know what you'll be feeling today
Tell me how you love me but cause me dismay

I know that you're trying I see it in your eyes
The first time I learned not only your mouth can tell lies
Say I give you life but you're already dead inside

You never hit me so I can thank you for that
Instead it was my mental state you attacked
I'd much rather you make both my eyes black

As I walked out you stood in the doorway crying
I probably would have stayed if I wasn't the only one trying
I hope next in line soon finds out they'll be dying.
Bobcat Aug 8
You can say that I'm a little out of touch
I fell down but I can't climb back up
None of my friends give a ****
I guess I'm **** out of luck.

If I'm not feeling blue I dont feel much
I know they'll tell me to **** it up
Moving on is just hard as ****
I'm tired of being down on my luck.

Its like holding in the clutch
I press the gas but just rev up
Going nowhere fast my motor is ******
I blew a gasket, yeah just my luck.

I hope I won't always need a crutch
I need motivation to just wake up
Get me a drink until I don't give a ****
I guess I've been making my own bad luck.
Bobcat Jun 20
Its 2am
I'm lying on the bathroom floor again
Heavy breathing, I got pills in my hand
Shaking and waiting for the sandman
To take me to sleep so you can understand

This is not a claim to fame
Only an attempt for you to remember my name
When you see me in the headlines saying "He wasn't okay"
Oh you miss me now? Ain't that a shame.

I'm not coming back, there is no replay
You can't take back all the words that you say
Today you're gonna learn there's a price to pay
For every single action and every mistake

Everyone says they understand but it's not the same
I try to focus on the positives but my mind goes astray
Point all the fingers you want but you're to blame
Your actions and your words caused my body to decay
Bobcat Jun 18
It's a tough pill to swallow.
I want to ******* puke.
This feeling in my stomach,
like I swallowed a live nuke.

They just give me pills to swallow
and run a lot of useless tests.
I tried so hard to keep it away,
to fight it off but it infests.

I hate these pills I swallow.
I feel the cancer in my veins.
It's consuming my body
and ******* with my brain.

It's not your pill to swallow.
I wouldn't blame you to leave.
This isn't your battle to fight.
This battle belongs to me.

I don't want these pills to swallow.
I want to give up and let it win.
Poetic for my life to end,
just as I'm ready for our life to begin.
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