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I forgot how bad you treated me.
Im sure we met in another life
Because no matter what you do
I keep going back to you
Time after time
Again and again
Like the warmth of the sun
Like the green of the grass
Like the breeze of the wind
She was April warm and kind

Looking out for everyone and smiles at strangers
You wouldn't notice the cold of the winter
But it was freezing cold, it was intense
Shaking and giving her shoulder and shirt away
"Take it" she says until she is left with nothing

The cold removes her smile
People start noticing yet they do nothing
She has nothing left to give so they forget

Another warmth of the sun comes along
The grass is even greener
The breeze is even stronger
This is summer
im writing again this one is the first one since im trying many april theme stuff
I tug on your arm,
You don’t turn around anymore.
This not a poem
Because if it was
I would say something out of my heart
And that would be a start
To my recovery
Or maybe to show my suffering
Either way
You wouldn't care
So now I would dare
To make this a poem
I wish words were enough to make you stay
  May 2020 WhyWould YouGiveUp
Kairee F
How many times
are you going to smash your face
before you realize
you can't walk through
a closed door?
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