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I tug on your arm,
You don’t turn around anymore.
This not a poem
Because if it was
I would say something out of my heart
And that would be a start
To my recovery
Or maybe to show my suffering
Either way
You wouldn't care
So now I would dare
To make this a poem
I wish words were enough to make you stay
  May 2020 WhyWould YouGiveUp
Kairee F
How many times
are you going to smash your face
before you realize
you can't walk through
a closed door?
  Apr 2020 WhyWould YouGiveUp
Let’s be strangers not friends
That way we don’t have to be intimate
That way we won’t worry about betrayal
That way we won’t have expectations
And won’t face disappointment
There’ll be no commitments
And no reason to be loyal
If we become friends we’ll get hurt
Imagine if we go further
So let’s be strangers, no intros necessary
Just wanted to write in reverse
When all this is over
Will you remember
Or forget me like the rest
Maybe it's for the best

I know you don't love me
But it's nice to pretend
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