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i am so in love with you
and you are so strongly the only thing i think of that
i think if i smashed my head open on the side walk
my broken bones would spell your name
  Oct 9 WhyWould YouGiveUp
He was glowing in my eyes
A blazing star that could never die
So bright that he made me cry
  Oct 6 WhyWould YouGiveUp
I don’t think about you a lot of the time
but when I do
it’s about that time you kept talking to that boy
that way
and you said you’d 10/10 smash.
****, I'm crying again.
That sick feeling
When you still want him
When you feel like you need him
When your heart hurts when you think about him
Even after all the tears
You still want him
But you could never have him
Because he dosent want you
Stop saying you love me
Just never say it again
Because I pretend
But if you keep saying that
I might stop lying to myself
That might stop your crying
And I might confess
That deep down I love you too.
I swore I wouldn't love you
But its true
Theres something about you
That I cant find in anyone else
One conversation is all it took
To make me love you again
I just got over you, the guy i dreamed abt for 9 months
And here you walked in and talked to me like
Like u care
Just one look was all I needed to fly
But u have me more than a look so
Is it more than am love now
I'm losing my mind,
But you're here to catch it.
A "poem" every day.
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