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  Nov 2017 Mason Wesley Skaggs
i'm out of ways
to show off my sadness...
so i will show it no more.
We're living in a world like the matrix. All we can do is try to make sense of one another's actions and be patient. Reality truly is only what you make it to be. Everything you see is energy, neither created, or destroyed. When we deployed our troops overseas did we ever see the underlying reason. Too many of us are more concerned with the shifting of seasons (The news.) Sometimes I believe it's the eye in the pyramid, then I remember that evil is what you make it, that's why I became a Mason. Its ironic that Saddam was going to sell the oil for Euros. Then Bush came into power and the federal bureau blew up the towers only hours later, we as a nation received confirmation that Iraq was our target for invasion. But how can we blame them as we fuel our cars with the blood soaked tar sands from this foreign land that none of us care to know. Why should we show compassion for fallen soldiers that gave their lives so we would have automobiles that drive. It seems that our demise was prophesied way back in biblical times. I don't find it likely that we'll open our eyes to the lies fed to us from birth. This is my home, this is planet, Earth.
Twitching hands and fleeting feet.
Her voice like honey she whispers to me.
I can only wonder if she knows how it feels.
Does she know that it stings?
A tainted adaptation and a hearing that rings.
It gets louder and louder as I push her away.
The beast grows stronger day after day.
All alone, I weep for myself.
I forgot who I am and I won't accept help.
I can only tremble in my apologetic daze.
Friends without faces speaking words that don't faze.
  Feb 2015 Mason Wesley Skaggs
God must've painted the sunset in your eyelids
and the stars in your eyes
he must've made a jungle out of your heart
that everyone keeps getting lost in,
drowned by a forest of wildfires.
he must've tucked sunshine in the corners of your smiles.
he must've patterned the oceans and seas with your words --
i keep drowning in them.
he must've tried to recreate the softness of heaven in your lips.
blackholes may have been named after your eyes --
they keep ******* me in and I can't help but see the birth of stars in their edges.

you are a whole universe of your own,
and I like exploring the corners of it alone.
Crimson drops on the twin box spring,
My loved ones disgraced in the opening of veins.
I am happy to be alive, lucky to be breathing.
Why, then, do I feel unworthy of this second chance?
I am in *** Health Center. I love you Airen. Jacob, thank you for saving me. Family, I won't disappoint you in this second chance. I am happy to be living.
You tell me nothing should ever keep me at bay
I should speak what’s on my mind
And yet you censor what I say

Conformists following their set way
Unabashedly blind
You tell me nothing should ever keep me at bay

Thoughts leaping through my head like a ballet
In an elaborate design
And yet you censor what I say

Follow the script “Hello” “Good day”
Nothing new and all will be fine
You tell me nothing should ever keep me at bay

My words are clay
Moldable, unconfined
And yet you censor what I say

This world goes by in shades of gray
My rainbow is maligned
You tell me nothing should ever keep me at bay
A̶n̶d̶ ̶y̶e̶t̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶c̶e̶n̶s̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶I̶ ̶s̶a̶y̶
Why would a Venus fly trap be sour when it could be sweet?
Why would Diablo have horns when he could have ****?
The devil wears prada. He is beautiful.
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