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It’s just a thought, limerick on the rock

Waves bring ashore the big croc

Quite like the king of River Nile

It sports cool spikes and a rapacious smile

Chased by paparazzi, camera shy the croc, froze out of shock
Forgot to count the syllables for the limerick and it became a rhyme :))
My corner piece of mind,
is all that I can find,
when i look for a reason,
to pass this unhealthy treason,
so that my heart might realign.
Confinement is refined,
along a static spine,
my body's so warm and yet I'm freezing,
at times I sit, dealing with being,
each thought of mine is fined.
I need a change of season,
that can give me just one reason,
to take me up, to show me blankness,
is not a faithless shed from clearness,
nor a sign that you have weakened-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Counting syllables for a limerick
All of this to me is Greek
Without rhyme or reason
I wrote one, no , No Pun
Challenged , My silly mind fell for the trick

To write a limerick was not in the syllabus
Lost the route , I missed my school bus
I was asked to wait for help
Like a puppy I started to yelp
Help did arrive in time , but I was all nuts
Done with it :)) No more :))
Recently met a Techie , also a poet and a published author of children’s book and many more . He challenged me to write a limerick
I once ran into a kitchen knife
Crazy, it came flying after my dear life
Gourds it must ,take by surprise
Dare not, humans and mice
Savvy a peeler, knew was not a cleaver knife
My first attempt at a  Limerick
Jordan Jun 2015
The cows out back have been acting shady
A stampede put 3 in the hospital and killed a lady
They pushed a sheep in the well
They've been giving me hell
I'll be better off when they're smothered in gravy

— The End —