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Being responsible
She didn't said
She got covid-19
As usual

Here I contibuted
To the National count
That's what she said

Stay hydrated
Stay ventilated
Stay strong
Stay loved
Get well soon
That's what he said
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Get Well Soon
Anais Vionet Nov 7
Senryus about my
favorite - my one and
only - mom (so far).

"Mom!, I understand!!"
5 minutes later - wait, what did
she want me to do?

Eating my breakfast
cereal, “Mom!, let’s go to the
lake!,” Mom says, “Can’t.”

“I can’t wait to be
a lifeless professional,”
I say to my bowl.

Mini-heart attack:
Your mom says: "OK, I need to
ask you a question."
I could say a thousand things about someone as central to my life as my mom.
Umi Nov 2
With no expectations, she waits,
Although it has been so long, she lost sight of it,
Unable to get a taste of victory, she watched from afar,
Restricted in movement, trapped in her icy prison, the only companions she had, were the never ending streams of thoughts,
Undecided, she contemplates;
Shall she wait some more, clinging desperately to the last remaining bit of hope, before it softly, gently slips away from her grasp,
Or, should she give up, with none the wiser to what could have been,
As she engulfs herself within the somber feeling of seclusion,
Her conscious, filled with envy for those who experience the warmth of love, slips away once more,
As the cold wind takes its toll,
She stood there, still,
Ever so proudly.

~ Umi
Skylar Keith Nov 1
I'm walking all alone
Through a dense and dark forest
Whispering surrounds me yet there's no one there

"I miss you."

The air is thick with regrets
As the fog builds up so does the guilt
Was it something I did?
I won't ever know at this rate

I reach out to grab ahold of something
Anything that could help me
I stumble through the trees
Heading nowhere yet searching

When did it come to this point?
I can't even text you to ask how you are
Will I ever get to see you again, let alone hug you?

"I'm so sorry for the way I've been treating you. You were always there for me."

Yet there was no change
I still know nothing
I'm still without any answers
I just miss you, you were my best friends, my family. Now I can't even say hi

Quotes are form texting, coming from her
The sun's first kiss
was given to us
in the coldness of fear
In these days and nights
We - hostages of uncertainty,
prisoners of the emptiness of our silence,
build a new balance.

A new feeling
incompatible with our restless disposition
In these days and nights
I - fly to you in thought
Thinking of you is an exercise of evasion
from these walls, from these screams

The sun's first kiss
was given to us
in the coldness of fear
In these days and nights
We - discover ourselves near
In distance
pulses of the same beating heart

© 2020 Giusy Ferrigno
I wrote this in april, a few days before my birthday. Spring had recently begun, the first warmer rays of the sun, its "first kiss" had arrived, and despite this I was still trapped by fear, I felt a prisoner of my own silence and of so many different feelings that I couldn't quite understand. The days and nights passed by all in the same way and there was nothing I could do about it . We found ourselves forced to build new balances, being far from the people we love the most. Thinking of them, "flying to them in thought" as I wrote here, was one of the few ways I had of escaping somehow. What I've learned during these challenging months is that no matter how much we'd like to, we can't control something that is way bigger than us. But we can control our thoughts and our actions. We can choose. We can choose to panic or to focus our energy on the present moment and be grateful for what we have. I've never lost hope and I never will, I like to believe that someday (hopefully sooner than later) , we will get to the other side of this and look back at this moment and feel so relieved and glad for the lessons it taught us.
Thank you in advance if you'll read it.
A snapshot

Insignifigant in the moment but oh so important now

The silence of the room the burst of joy       the imediate downfall


Dark 6 days a week but that one day that one day that makes it all worth it the one day you sit in a field miles apart, faces covered and arms outstreched but never touching

Then you go back to little black boxes like the seats in a theater, talking infront of a class has never seemed scarier

Oh to go back
To That insignifigant day
Written as a spoken word so it doesnt have the same vibe
P.S. my auto correct is broken so theres a few mistakes
Mose Oct 26
30 days of isolation
I didn’t know who I was when the world stopped turning.
When the objections that once defined fell flat like a heart line.
The death of the way that was.
  I was no longer written in the way I knew my self.
It scared me.
The way I could no longer sit with myself.
I couldn’t stop running.
The well turned into a drought.
& the rain came only once I cried.
I once lived in a rain forest.
Self-love as heavy as the water embedded on every oxygen molecule.
I asked her to stop.
Couldn’t seem to catch my breath...
But, I guess the point was to never grasp it?
imehsahdehahs Oct 23
I Don't Know How To Get To You

I spent whole Day in My Room

Spare Me, Lady Day

I can't seem to Kick out The Blues

My Heart Feels So Heavey

Solwely Sinking

in The Depths Of Gloom

I wanna Write Long Love Letter

With Blood Pouring Out My Wrists

I feel So sad, Lonely and Everything

Is Nothing with Twist

I'm seeing Faces

coming Out of the walls

Joker Is Smiling On the Cross

I think I Lost My Mind

The Day that I Iost You

whatever They Told Me Came True

I don't how to get out my head

Nights & Knives Go Hand in Hand

It was Bittersweet

I wept All This week

You were The Egg

That I couldn't keep

I Dropped you like A Tear

Eden Eye turned A Blind Eye

Seeing you Drown In your own Blood

For I was To Blame

For This Cruel Frame

it was too late

We were already there

Beyond The Valley of The Dolls

Is The Valley of  The Dead

She Calmly Spoke To my ear

Do You Love Me The Same way

That I Love You?
I couldn't leave my Room today because

I felt so ugly and depressed today

But who I'm kidding it's everyday
JDM Oct 16
Want not yet wonder
fragments of bewilderment
Irreversibly vulnerable
suffocate the heartstring noose
Longing for a moment
isolation ravages apathetic hope
A story untouched yet blemished
melancholy choking fallacious toil
Alone in a crowded room
each breath composed
© JDMaraccini 2020
Words' Worth Oct 22
The October leaves drizzled from the tops of branches
How they shine in the sun's rays, autumn gold and hectic red
A cold dark side like a deep trench in those arches
The willow and fir widen their arms for us
I'll remember this day forever

Ravens whetted by the rain's speared sun ray
The trees make their home for the peregrine
As Cupid harken, relinquishing his sheaf
Indeed, it is the arrows that scintillate under a violet tree
I'll memorize every bit of this elation and release

Every autumn when I look at trembling fickle blades
My mind finds its rest place as it looks for mystery
But, the world spins on its axis, neither ascent nor descent
A book's essence is dug up from it's spine, turned into dissent
Knowing I cannot live forever, I will remember this day
I hope you like this guys :)
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