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Raiden Crow Nov 2017
It seems to me
That many people nowadays
Only want blind loyalty
From other people
They don't want
To be questioned
They don't want
To be told they are wrong
They just want
People who never question anything
That they do
And I say that is B.S.
Because believe it or not
The people who really care
Who truly love you
The ones you can really trust
Are the ones not afraid to tell you
"You are being dumb."
Because you can trust to know
They aren't lying
Real friends are the ones who will look you dead in the eye and call you on your crap. They don't just stand idly
Kenny Whiting Apr 2016
There's not too many people,
   who have but one true friend;
A shoulder for to lean on,
   on whom I can depend!

Someone who'll always be there,
   for when in time of need;
That special one who'll always lend,
   a hand or helping deed!

A friend who'll always help you,
   they'll go the extra mile;
Someone to hold you up all day,
   if only with a smile!

A person who will listen,
   when pouring out your heart;
The one who's never left your side,
   has been there from the start!

That wholesome leader as a friend,
   whose lifted you in prayer;
That special one you'll never doubt,
Or question if they're there!

The one who never judges you,
   as sin in life you trod;
The one whose always knelt and prayed,
   you'd turn your life to God!

I thank God for your friendship,
   through sorrow, pain and strife;
I pray someway I can repay,
   your friendship in my life!
Adriaan Harms May 2015
Friends are real,
Friends are true,
I would love to call you a friend,
But that's not the real you.
Friends are loving,
They always care,
You can say they are like a part of you,
'Cause their always there.
They'd rather die than to lie,
They'd rather say everything than say nothing.
Friends are real,
Friends are true,
I can call everybody else my friend,
But sure as hell not you.
For finding your real friends in the acts they have done.
Ember Evanescent Nov 2014
Wouldn't it be nice
If you didn't mess up
everything you touch
But there you go again
You lose three one year
one at a time
the next year you drive off
another three all at once
then the next year you start to neglect another
you start slipping further away from three
then the next year
you lose those you were slipping away from
and pretty soon
the only one you are still close to
you drive off too
hope you like your new friends
but good luck replicating those late night text convos
where we really could trust each other
when all the friends you have now
are drunk and high as hell
I hate that *****.

— The End —