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CarolineSD Feb 27
When are visiting hours for the timeout room? They locked my best friend in there and I just want to bring him a plate of cookies and a Bible.
and a thank you card for all of those late night trembling, shaking...

oh never mind, I'll get my *** tossed in too xoxo
Lexi Feb 21
she had nothing here, in this house.

Not a shelve, not a chair, not a window.... Not a care.

She could hear air going into her lungs and then leaving...

She scratched at the floor hopelessly.

The sound brought a moment of relief.

She scratched again & again & again!

Her body burned all over.

The tips of her finger nails were coated in her own blood.

Suddenly she was on her feet punching the drywall....but the wall didn't seem to end.

There was infinite amount of wall to punch.

More blood flowed freely from The Empty House

she collapsed hitting the floor with a thud

The Empty House's walls seemed to beat like a sore head

steadily, She Screamed

And then breathed

Fast, Slow & then Nothing....
This poem is meant to be read in a soft and quiet tone
Nikolai Dec 2019
Dull is the day.
A new thrill in the night.
A shrill scream in her flight.
Blood is dripping, the ax is lifting
Last of his kind,
a creature of night,
life in perpetual darkness,
neverending, the madness.

The spirits are raising,
pursuers are racing,
with a goal of ending his splendid ambition.

The endless ordeal has come to an end,
his final salvation eluded again.
The blood is no longer dripping,
his hands, no longer ripping the flesh.
Rapture is gone, once again he's alone.
He's come to oblivion, forgotten again,
ignored, but prison can bind him only so long.
Not too sure about the title. Not too sure if the story is in any way coherent or inferable from the text.
Nilia Loh Dec 2019
Came out of rusty bars, with nothing but black stripes on me.
I walk down the street alone, seeing everyone else with no stripes on.
Their stares pierced through my innocence, as if my sins were still fresh for years.
But someone held my head high, gave me a identity, purpose and forgiveness.
He gave me a second chance, even when everyone else can't.
I walk down the street not alone, but with someone who filled me with hope.
I wrote this poem for a theme "prisoners" :D
If I ever get out of this cage,
I'll move so far away,
they'll never see me again.
I dream of a great migration,
now trapped,
forced to suffer flagellation.
These chains that hold me in place
will be the same to shape a noose.
Infinity has never felt so long.
I say my last goodbye with the words,
"So long."
Lil Moon Moon Jul 2019
I have wings and I can fly away,
But hey, that's a petty white lie,
Cuz if it were true, I wont be here today,
Enduring the hurt and the lie...

So here I am stranded,
Held down by chains of dread,
I have wings and I can fly away,
But you might as well call me disabled.

Cuz its a petty white lie,
And God knows I can't get away.
Wordsmith Jul 2018
It stifles more than stimulates,
Imprisons more than liberates,
Inhibits more than invigorates,
So why let it dominate..
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