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Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
This is not just
A career opportunity
It's an eternal call for
The background visual poetry
Model (Spirit)
Who will stay eternal
No less than the oldest star
No less than the solo sun

It's not about the pretty face
Or the latitude
And longitude of the body
We're concerned about
It's not about the education height
We have nothing to do with
It's not about your background
Where you are from

It's about the vibration
Grace and inspiration
It's about the energy
And the balance
It's more about
Your inner self
Everything who is you

All it takes is to sense the air
Go with the flow
Keep the mind at rest
Lost in time
Don't ever stop
Be inevitable
With each passing day

The rightful spirit
Drop your CV
Vibe with us
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Vacancy Announcement
sundial iris Jun 2020
Love: “and I know not if I sink or swim”


here’s how I see it;
everybody should have the
ability to walk around with
two sign optionality:

1. No vacancy
2. Open: (all rooms have A/C & cable)

never be disappointed; you know what you’re getting up front

and for an extra fee

3. credit cards Not Accepted

“A ship there is and she sails the seas,
she's laden deep, as deep can be
but not so deep, as the love I'm in
**and I know not if I sink or swim”**

“The Water is Wide” traditional folk song
lovelywildflower Jun 2020
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
[Can you hire me?]

If you are sensitive
And willing
I will

You need to count
The stars
After sunset

Think about it
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Is this really what you wanna do?
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
I’ve been gone a long time
Wasting the sunlight
As it glowed on me
I’ve been losing track
Of the path
That the moon herself delivered to me
I’ve been slack in seeing the way
Not everything can turn around
I forgot to love
At the speed of sound

Now I love the way you’re there for me
The way you’ll always remember me
The way you touch my dreams every night
You lead me out
And I win the fight
Now I know it’s not just you
It is you
To you
My home
I return to you

I will return
Please don’t wait around
Just listen for that sweet sound
Just play me that sweet come home music
That makes my heart and soul
Step in time
There’s nothing keeping me from coming
Home now
Just to see your face is all I need
To survive

You’re all I need
You’re all I need
You’re all I need to survive

On this pathway you’re the light
That shines in every daily plight
Remember that I’m only a traveler
When you call I crave to hear you
I can see you
Though the lights dim
I won’t forget where I’ve been
Or how I’ve been
All I need is this sweet return home music
Found inside of you

I just want to live that love song
Play it loud as I press through this throng
I’ve heard it all my life all along
It lights my way
Shows me right and wrong
And I see you
All of you
Waiting to welcome me home

Sweet, sweet come home music
Makes my soul
Feel strong and whole
Singing and dancing
Long past the woe
In this house
There is room for one more
I love you all
The finale of the Vacancy Saga
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018

You’re safe
You’re warm
You’re home again

You’re safe and sound
You’re still around
Your soul is found

Bent low on the ground
Your face became shroud
But the water
Her water
His water
Their water
It loved you
It cleaned you
It sailed you home

The clearest water you’ve ever seen
The perfect temperature so keen
Your thirst is gone

The familiar man in the distance
Clad in Red
You’ve escaped his vengeance
His game is dead
Dead by the wondrous sword

You stare at him
He stares back so glim
Then he bows
Accepting your win
Then he’s gone
Gone forever
Happy endeavors
The Vacancy Saga continues with one final confrontation against the antagonist...
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
I said I’d return
Some time ago
Anticipating it was true
But broken matter surrounded me

Now it’s tantalizing heartbreak
Followed by whispers in the night
It’s like I lied
And I stole from you

Now I’m lost
I’m sorry I’m such a lost cause
I’m sorry I made you tremble

But the tantalizing heartbreak told me

That I forgot you tonight
Please stay so near
I’m crying and weeping inside
Don’t placate my fears
Nothing matters
Can’t you see
I don’t care

Tantalizing heartbreak
Teaching me whispers and lies
I did lie
And I stole from you

I’m so lost
I’m sorry I’m such a lost cause
I’m sorry I made you tremble

But the tantalizing heartbreak told me

I forgot you tonight
You’re not safe here
You’re crying and weeping inside
I placated your fears
Everything matters to me
Can’t you see
I still care

The tantalizing heartbreak
A look into the mind of the Protagonist of the Vacancy Saga
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
Where am I?
What is this box?
It’s black
Black as pitch
Yet with a mounting sense of dread
I can tell its true color is red
Red like Him
Help me
Somebody help me

Yesterday you took the morsel not for you
Only now do you see your mistake
Underneath lies years to recall your fears

Can I be forgiven?
When by sin I am smitten?
The Red Man
On his Red Throne
Laughs and scoffs
Taking no pity for me in this box

Listen close, my son, and know
Indeed there is one true way home
Take the sins left in your wake
Take the faults you try to forsake
Lift them high above your head
Enable your soul to no longer be dead

What’s that sound?
The box is closing in
The Red Man’s wicked grin
Frightens me to know
This box is mine and mine alone

Flee this place and never look back
Only a deep few have realized their lack
On this my voice you’ll be free of this place
Learn your lesson or stay in Red Space

The Red Man’s vile smile
His face inches above mine
In this box
I can’t move
I can’t cry
But I do

The silence is broken
By my woeful wails
Forgive me, my family
I deserve this Red Jail

I can see it
The path’s been made clear
The Red Man has lost
I’ve beat him this year

The box shines
The Red throne turns to glass
The darkness is gone
The Red Man is last


… I’m free
The box is no more
The Red Man unseen
On this luminous path
I travel along
There’s room for me now
So I travel in song
The 2md chapter in the tale. The Protagonist is forced to relive and acknowledge his terrible mistakes that led him to almost being devoured by the personification of his mistakes.
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