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im no one important enough to remember, just a normal girl hoping to inspire someone so much that they wont forget
Not Important


Valo Salo Aug 2014
It is important to have a car
To drive to your important work
And therefore important to have a road
For your important car to drive on

It is very important to have seats, stir and wheels
And maybe have some important music in your important car
Like it is important to have a bed and important to sleep in it
In your important house with an a important kitchen

You have an important life to live
With your important wife and your important children
And it is important to see the important news
With important messages from important politicians

Everything is so everlasting important
Even the important universe and the important sun
It is so important to discuss all the crises
And write important books about important issues

It is so important that you are alive
Your life is so important even for the BNP
It is much more important than you can ever imagine
So much more important that you will never believe.