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JN Cole Aug 2020
Oh, hi... Yeah I'm good you know...

I've been thinking about
death a lot lately, but no.
I don't want to die.
I think about death as
a concept like...

What happens when
I die?
No... things like Heaven.
I do believe but more like...
What now?
What of this earth?
What of the people?
What is one less

What is the impact.
Ah, yes. That is it.

Will anyone remember?
Remember me for
cutting my hands often?
Having Band-aids wrapped
around any finger?
Being short-tempered?
Listening to punk music
and pretending that I am
one? I am not sure about
the pretending part though...
What about the books
I read that no one has ever
heard of? Because I just
pick them at random
at a random time
at a random bookstore
on a whim
on a bad day
on a day where home
isn't home.

I'm sorry (laughs).

Oh, where are you headed?

Oh, it's fine. Me?


Will my family still use
lemon-scented laundry soap?
Lemon-scented bath soaps?
Lemon-scented aerosols?
Lemon-scented bathroom deodorizer?
Lemon for the water.
Lemon for the tea.
Oh, and for the toilets
and bathroom floor...
Lemon-scented thick bleach?

I'm sorry (laughs).

Lemon is just a scent...
a memory from childhood.
A candy
a summer day
a sun-smelling bike ride
a nothing-to-do-just-
kind of day
I've been obsessed about it lately.
Maybe because I read it in
a poem. Something about
scrubbing your clothes clean
till they smell like lemon.

Oh, do you have to go now?

Well, do take care and
see you soon. Thank you for
listening I hope you'll like the smell
of lemons from now on.
Lemon-Scented Memories Part 2/Prologue
John McCafferty Jul 2020
This femme fatale
A girl that captures
She be bright and skin tight
Shiny white with youth implied
Conversing in quirky loops
As we jump through her hoops
Slowly showing error codes
Could it be the alcohol
Clap snap of bear traps
Broken from within
Signs of white lines that fracture
Reactions to vast echoes of her past
Trauma tinged before the dawn
Soft but informed
A hardened persona with claws
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Amaris Feb 2019
Take my hand and hold me up
I need you by my side
I made you, dear, so by default
There's nothing you can hide
they were
just words

i love you
listen again
i really love you
this mountain
will i give
will to give

love me here

answer me here
as my

whisper to me
what if

Oliver Apr 2017
If only our younger selves had known
That promises aren't made to be kept
But to drown us in false hope.

If only I had known
On the day we
That when you never showed
It was for that reason.

This time there was no "if only"
Just the inevitability of the end of lives
Yet still I waited 'til darkness grew.

So now I'll join you
Walking through the sea
We promised to see.
On the other side
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
You laugh
When you are hurt
Because you don't want to cry
It comes so easily
You don't need to try
So you laugh and laugh
Till the pain numbs

Now no one takes you seriously
Even if they see the bruises and burns
They chuckle and say
You live and learn

This is fine
This is what you want
As long as you smile
No one asks questions
So you smile
And smile and smile....
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
Waking up crying
Hoping to get comfort
Only to realize no one's there
As you cry yourself to sleep

Friends before family
Is that what they say?
Is that why you always went with them to play?
While doing your best to keep me away?
Not knowing nor caring you were the only friend and sibling I had?

Going through the motions
Is what I grew to do
It was the only way to cope
Loneliness became a familiar feeling
While smiles became rare

Who I become stems
From where I came from
What I learned, I know
Will still be able to show

Promises are made to be broken
A phrase I knew through and through
When you all proved it true
While the only thing I really wanted
Was someone to talk to
This, unfortunately stems from personal experience
And sorry if there are inconsistencies in the rhyming and etc.
I had a real rough day so this is more of a "vent" poem more than anything.....
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
Mind so simple
Deceived by a touch so sinful
Body so light
Barely put up a fight
Limbs so fragile
Pain wrought so tactile
Shrieks so agonized
Muffled to be disguised
Eyes so refined
Leaving ****** tears behind

A mind so broken
That can't be awoken
A body so torn
There's nothing but forlorn
Limbs so disfigured
Scarred an injured
Eyes blank from the backlash
Remain wide open in the aftermath
Ashes2Ashes Mar 2016
Whispering lies
Evil in disguise
A smile so vile
That bewitches and beguiles
Cold deceiver
Gullible receiver
Lifeless eyes
That never cry
Gleam only with hate
To those who dare to debate
Against her reign
Of endless pain
Living solely
For her and her only
This Queen of discipline
With a broken soul within
Secretly pleads
To be released
From her personal hell
From which she fell
Under his spell
Only to lose all sense of self
Desperate and alone
On her unwanted throne
She weeps alone
Caitlin Fisher Aug 2015
Despite all outward appearances
It does no one any good to go yammering on
about how sardonically he laughed
and how much he cried
and how many words were spoken the next day
flash poetry 2/7
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