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I'm just nothing but trouble
Facing out this own battle
Looking for the way to struggle
It's not easy as turning table

But i trust myself to take a handle
Just waiting for day to getting better
Everything's fine and going brighter
Poetic T Sep 14
The web we weave,

                only catches the
flies of our misdeeds.

We may have droplets,
        of regrets hanging
           in the morning
but they dry up.

remember life is a web intricate,
           and flawless.

the only ones that can cause ruination
                  are ourselves.

           never catch what you cant handle.
Evie Aug 13
“i’m not sure how long it’s going to last though. we tried to fix things but she’s being so distant recently”

i nod my head

inside that head i’m begging things to fall apart so i can have you
I cool enough to break this ice.
I calm enough to handle that.
I brave enough to call you mine.
I strong enough to love you.
don't worry
                     about me,
                                           I'm just a little
                                                                a little thin
                                                a little sharp
                     handle me with care
                                                      but trust
                       I'm as strong as bulletproof glass
                                                                          but you,
                                    get to see me when I shatter,
                                                                        when I crack,
                                          and you see me
                                             when I break..
in a delicate mood today,
I feel so breakable
Now I'm not alone!!!
Now I'm enough strong to handle that!!!
Arcassin B Feb 13
By Arcassin Burnham

Put me in some empathy,
Looking for the trouble,
Searching for my soul as it had drift away
Could not find me, if you tried,
You lied , about your intention.
You couldn't tell the truth ,if you tell,
A mistake , it's a spell,
Beyond your fight there's a hell,
Thats loops over and over,
Here it comes you better take cover lover,
The lingo you misspell,
Never give up on myself.

See what I see,
why'd you choose me?
if you could handle me,
then why abandon me,
See what I see,
why'd you choose me?
if you could handle me,
then why abandon me?.
she has many layers rapped around her
you must peel every layer ,
to reach her heart,
don't skip that part,
skipping will tear her apart,
love her every part,
heal her every scar...
Brittany Hall Nov 2018
If you can't handle me at my brutally honest, then you don't deserve me.
Can you handle it?
.was the sun.
...and her love...
....was to powerful....
.......for you to handle.....
.............and now you............
..............are just  a  pile  of..............
I'll post new poems soon ( don't worry they wont be as ****** as this one)
- I will delete this trash in the morning.
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