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Arcassin B Feb 13
By Arcassin Burnham

Put me in some empathy,
Looking for the trouble,
Searching for my soul as it had drift away
Could not find me, if you tried,
You lied , about your intention.
You couldn't tell the truth ,if you tell,
A mistake , it's a spell,
Beyond your fight there's a ****,
Thats loops over and over,
Here it comes you better take cover lover,
The lingo you misspell,
Never give up on myself.

See what I see,
why'd you choose me?
if you could handle me,
then why abandon me,
See what I see,
why'd you choose me?
if you could handle me,
then why abandon me?.
Tanya Feb 11
She had returned from her journey,
radiating bright, vivid
Feeling better than ever.
Small minds
couldn’t handle
her flowers.
but the sun garden was hers to handle anyways .
she has many layers rapped around her
you must peel every layer ,
to reach her heart,
don't skip that part,
skipping will tear her apart,
love her every part,
heal her every scar...
Brittany Hall Nov 2018
If you can't handle me at my brutally honest, then you don't deserve me.
Can you handle it?
.was the sun.
...and her love...
....was to powerful....
.......for you to handle.....
.............and now you............
..............are just  a  pile  of..............
I'll post new poems soon ( don't worry they wont be as ****** as this one)
- I will delete this trash in the morning.
Anya Sep 2018
One day I’ll let free
The me
That only my family knows

One day I’ll allow myself to babble
Without feeling
Self conscious or insecure

One day I’ll allow myself to run
As hard
And fast as I can
Without worrying about looking like a fool

One day I’ll sing
(More like scream)
At the the top of my lungs
Chasing birds off of rooftops

One day I’ll twirl
Round and round and round
Till I drop

One Day,
I’ll meet someone
Who can handle
My bedazzle
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Rain poured its *** off,
And see now: pools big and small;
More than can handle!
mslu Jul 2018
i sat and watched him
to lift the heavy pieces of me
then try to break them up into smaller portions
but he couldn't
so i offered him my strength
as he does, he rejected it and swapped me with

"it's fine, i can handle it"

rubbing the tolerance onto his hands

"it's fine, i can handle you"
his pain? he thought he knew masculinity
I have an old soul,
But my heart is still young
Treat it with care
It has not loved for very long
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