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Does it even matter anymore?
                To put together a broken ceramic.
                               It's Art they say; but few understand.

                Does it even matter anymore?
                               To put on garments around my feets
                                              That are used to the shards.
archived Feb 2020
Isabella Apr 2020
One more night, stuck in the shadows.
One more light, of flickering candles.
One more fight, then no more battles.
For you to be alright, I'd sacrifice much more that I can handle.
So please,
                    with care.

As your beloved
                                 a noxious
( _me_ )
Łëïçkî Jan 2020
You wanted a girl
Unlike any other girl
When the time came to love her like she wasn't any other girl...
You ran away.
you failed to love me
Tollan Dec 2019
A handle is hard to describe
But in this thought I'll try

I am, with or without you
You do not have final say
My spine is strong and head still firm
Alas, I am just clay
My shoes without lace, and yet
A handle is not needed,
To keep me in place.

My function to do, is done without you
A servant of service I stay
I do not jest but I cannot fray
I just dont need your
Disfigured clay.

With you i am heavy but freeier than before.
You make my job easier, the job that is to pour

I can live without you babe,
Just wish that you had stayed
My life will go on
Your handle will be replaced.
Merinda Sep 2019
I'm just nothing but trouble
Facing out this own battle
Looking for the way to struggle
It's not easy as turning table

But i trust myself to take a handle
Just waiting for day to getting better
Everything's fine and going brighter
Poetic T Sep 2019
The web we weave,

                only catches the
flies of our misdeeds.

We may have droplets,
        of regrets hanging
           in the morning
but they dry up.

remember life is a web intricate,
           and flawless.

the only ones that can cause ruination
                  are ourselves.

           never catch what you cant handle.
Evie Aug 2019
“i’m not sure how long it’s going to last though. we tried to fix things but she’s being so distant recently”

i nod my head

inside that head i’m begging things to fall apart so i can have you
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