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Enotions Mar 2019
I’m running low on supply. My system is weakening, I can no longer be of service.

It’s an emergency!! I need to treat myself and return equipped for a better appointment.
I’m shutting down. I’m running out of time and will power.

It’s an emergency! Is there anyone who can help me regain strength? For this appointment is exhausting.
I’m looking for a durable support system that would never run dry. This one is squeezing the life out of me. This one is rendering me “dripless”

It’s an e-m-e-r-g...
Marty T Ottman Jun 2018
erase all traces left.
forsaken,  as the world is breaking in.
**** this your gone..
***** strong.
your past is over due
embrace the true. define you, push through or you through?
Weight of the decision we all have anchor us down...

— The End —