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Will May 11
Dirt, grass, leaves, rocks, trees.
Looking down at my grubby hands, scuffed up from foraging for a soul.
Light gleams through the branches above, yet my eyes cannot unsee the darkness around me.
Stumbling forward, tripping on the forest ground, searching for meaning in a meaningless land.
My eyes blink, salt and liquid try to blend, but nothing leaves the eyelids as they contort and bend.
After a lifetime of crying alone, my river of tears seems dried to the bone.
Heat subsides while the sun sets, coolness of night begins it's rise from the depths.
Feeling weird
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Strange days are these
now I seem to be so
distance In my days
so many dreams and
fantasies, even through
out the
Dreamed of walking In
a forrest but magical
enchanted forrest there
was a lake and there
dipping her feet was a
young and oh so pretty
She didn't run on seeing
me, I sat down  beside
her but all the time I
was thinking I know this
girl we have met
Couldn't take my eye's
off her, she was *******
dressed but still had that
almost schoolgirls shyness
such a beautiful
Her tiny dress was almost
see through she wore
nothing under her dress
I could see her beautiful
slim but full shapely figure
she seemed totally oblivious
that she was near
She rose to her feet held
her hand out, I took It so
soft and smooth She helped
me to my feet she smiled so
And there I was being led
by this pretty nearly naked
girl, deeper Into the forrest
and I was still asking myself
I know this girl so asked her
name she replied Helen It
was then I awoke from my
A dream whilst passing the day, the girl In the dream didn't know it In the dream, but It was Helen my wife
Girard Tournesol Nov 2018
. . . there's a path that could not have been
can't be but shall be seen by wise eyes 
all seeing all knowing belonging to you 
yet not you in some form sideways 360
nonexistence up safe in a tree perched 
on the brink a vast ethereal forest 
nocturnal wide-eyed visionary
A tribute to  poet Byron Hoot.
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
Your fingertips planted trees on me.
You left a forrest
full of life.
But with no rain
there was no healthy leafs.
So the forrest crumbled.
And I cut the tress down
for I did not wish
to have a memory of you
on my body.
Yet, roots of the forrest
remained deep beneath my skin.
And I will now forever,
if I wish or not,
have memories of your fingerprints.
Jolan Lade Apr 2018
I have to be careful, not to lose my mind.
I wonder in a world of thoughts, drawn to what i can find...
That i think of, is love, hate... might be fate
Amy Apr 2018
My thoughts are the bark
Of an old tree
At the top you can still find the finest fruit
But first you must climb
the rotten branches
Don’t slip on the damp moss
Be patient
The first bite will be worth it
You may fall
But you will come back for more
Arnauld Jarvis Feb 2018
A knife swims in the eery air
bursting down
smearing the few fawn
crooked'em crotales
springing drops of meltdown sun
God hollows
and shadow balloting follows
Alina Arcadia Nov 2017
I've been running from my troubles
But its harder than it seems

I've been bathing in the rivers
To wash this sinner clean

I've got chaos in my blood
And all I do is bleed

Tried to save the dying woods
I did plant a thousand seeds

But the forrest is dead
try to wash my hands, the rivers going red

And I'm a child of the night
living days in the sun

Starving for a bite
Spent a living on a gun

I've been growing out a garden
From the hollows of my bones

My body rotting benethe the steady oak
But the birds will keep me clean

And the ocean turned red again
time to go to bed again

I'll drag my corpse  back home
Oh, the trouble I have seen
pia Aug 2016
won't you come with me
where the fireflies are
and the blanket of dark
is filled with stars

won't you come in the forest
and smell the midnight breeze
then lie down on the tulips
and stay here with me

we would lay in comfortable silence
with intertwined hands
and I'll fall more in love
than I possibly can

our eyes become heavy
as we drift into sleep
and in my dreams, I wonder
how you are here with me

until the sun wakes up
and the sky shines blue
and the first thing I see
when I open my eyes
currently trying to make this a song hahaha :) hope you guys are having a wonderful day!
Silverflame Jun 2016
She is hiding behind the tall pine trees.
My thoughts are all twisted. She is calling for me.
Her silhouette is now stored, burned into my eyes.
She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky.

It’s only her and I in this misty forest, all alone.
The path I came from is now gone, overgrown.
When I take a step closer, I simply go nowhere.
She stands completely still, guiding me like a flare.

Everything is quiet, except for all the voices in my head.
They scream her name, coloring my ears with red.
A distant look is embroidered on her face.
She is captivating; I might be in dire straits.

I’ve been wandering for so long, in so many years.
Now I stand in an awe of her, stuck in second gear.
So I’ll just stay here forever, looking at her in despair.
Because if I turn around, I am afraid she might disappear.
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