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Glenn Currier May 2020
Here I wait resting on the door jamb
standing betwixt and between
shall I stay here or drop my hand,
move beyond what I’ve known and seen?
What will be out there to my left and right
where will the next step take me from here?
They said danger is there out of my sight -
threats, jinxes, and disease if that step I dare.

But if I move back into the shady cool
I’ll be safe in this cozy inner space.
Being in between without old rules
not knowing the beyond I’ll face
is scary but this is a journey of revelation
even if sacrifice and loss is in this race
I trust I will find peace and inspiration.
It seems these days we are in what is sometimes called liminal space, it is a place in between what we have known and experienced and what reality will be in the future.  It is a threshold which is uncomfortable and scary but also full of opportunity and possibilities of new discoveries, growth, and self-awareness.

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Bhill Feb 2020
the threshold of our reality is disturbing
day after day disruptions in the airwaves block sensibility
airwaves, that before, were comfortable to play in
where is it safe to tinker today

Brian Hill - 2020 # 45
Do you know your reality?
Mary-Eliz May 2018
death comes

at times swiftly
like a high

through in
wanton disregard

other times

slowly like an

stealthy, lurking


by the flower that
is love


by the music that
is life


by the dance that
is spirit

as we pass our days
on this swirling

until our threshold's
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Mind full of constant thoughts
To every shadows, dreams, and forms

Smell of a distance distinct fume
River pass through, swiping into empty rooms
Flooding all hopes of livingkind,
Left, no time to construct a paper boat

Searching a space to keep feet off the ground
Run a race, without a finish line
Complex world we all live in,
Cursing the Nature, making fool of self

Get touch with reality, time and space
Let me tell, Let me hear,
Mirror always expect one to smile
Wonder, what dreams one will have tonight
Theme: Dedicated to natural calamity victims of everytime.
Lynette Warren Jan 2018
I used to believe that pain had
some kind of cosmic

could only go so far then strengthen me
making me

I've been branded with a much deeper, darker,
wider, weeping & gnashing of teeth
type of pain of which I thought was
reserved for an un-earthly

Now I know it can exist
long before death so far as I can
I'm still believing You Lord that we were always only passing thru
Kirsten Claire Jan 2018
At the threshold
   Between calamity
      And perfect harmony
         You and I walk
      On ropes too tight
   And heights too great
To make a mistake
I escape this cloud of destruction with a different aura--
one of ruby moods and sapphire disposition.

I shine into this new threshold with desperate hope
and a thirst for diamonds.

What will this new hell endure?

The fiery pits of fashion
or the comforting waves of idleness?

Whether the weather,
hot or icy
my weak determination lies in the false promise
of an improved destiny.
Zero Nine Nov 2017
Hope below the moonlight
Invested in nonsense
Believing if there's hope
Life won't need to end

Childhood, so sweet,
put holes in my teeth
Innocent nightmares
bear cruel realities
They grow there

Hope below the moonlight
Invested in nonsense
Believing if there's hope
Passion grows, endlessly
She was wrong

Fire gets the rain
Smiles wither
Teeth rot
Empathy opens
Invites love
Invites pain

Time expedites
The threshold dips lower & lower
The balance upsets
Love disappears
Pain envelopes

Now I can't feel
Why would I
not want that?
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