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Feb 11
As deep and fast as I imagine thought rrivers
riving my senses,

anon, another comma breather comes along
to spit me out,
too hot, too cold, too banal to avoid,

****. (****)
that's it.
We are all like those constipated tea drrinkkers,
from Back to Eden, nutritional gospel of the gay nineties,
and the entire Trump executive system,
is a biome transfusion,
that ...

is not what I was told. I was Told,
authoritative ly by the
most popular prophet Sid Roth is boosting,
that prophet shouts, GOD the Lord, we trust, the one on the money,
set Donald Trump at the peak of power.

I cough an ought and violently disagrree, see, as it appears
to me,
Donald Trump is a set-up, see
as they impeached him, behind the cameras

they gave him an arsenal capable of

you know,
Armegeddon or whatever end you harbour,
in the depths of you.
Where you hope.

Here's the point, the point Con-cep-tion, see

the idea, formless in one dimention, re
a grrowning word, I,
mmmmore tu, wham a slap touch bounce
catchit, we

be, time goes, okeh, and after all that

it's 2020 and we are netted on the right
side of the vessle shaped

into a torus wit a hot and cold, kinda

beauty, is a word I sup, offer up, pose
you agree, see, psi
ence science with (con, as in with meat)
conpsience is scorrnd,
as a word, meaning less if previous sci
ence of right sounds, sets
psi as
a shibboletharrgic gate, to filter lazy eyes
from evil eyes,
before filling them with visions

of grranduer for winning the war, not that
last battle,

where --nevermind, click Broca- off.

*******, walks on. I know the messenger.
We can trrust this meta-story,
ever after all we know
had to happen,
sooner or later. Why,

I said so.
Seek and ye shall find, I said is true.
Thus I found you.
one to take me at my words, and love me
to set me free to fill the vessels, not a few,
who built their shelters on the sands,
long since baked to stone,

mortal mind, listen, reading is your gift,
writing forms the vessle, we fill,
we living words you loosed,

when you pierced the Babbit wall, and
robbed the city of angels of its
stolen water,

per haps,
at the behest of some mourning mama
whale where the birthing harborr
poisons hopes whales give
the whole world, along
with the butterflies,
and bats, and dodo birds.
2020 vision day 42, deeper, faster, harder
Ken Pepiton
Written by
Ken Pepiton  72/M/Pine Valley CA
(72/M/Pine Valley CA)   
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