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kolsmusing Apr 2020
To all the stopovers
and endings
the delays
and the in between
and the waiting.

I know that it was God's plan
so I will keep still
while pouring all my faith
and trusting God's hands.
God had and always been my refuge. Never did he fail me nor left me. That's why I leave it all to Him. He knows and wants what's best for me.
Natassia Serviss Nov 2017
I used to think I was starving for love.
There was a gnawing pain in my chest.
My tears fell from above
While my nerves felt shocked and pressed.
My body under pressure
Turning me into a diamond one day.
I felt starved.
I felt bordered by such labels.
Now I think I’m insatiable.
Your love to fuel me.
When I drove to you the sky is always beautiful.
My new diamond edge cuts through my old walls.
Now with you I’m vulnerable
Because I’ve always recovered from my falls.
aniket nikhade Oct 2015
In the time that is yet to come
Somewhere in the future
Something will be remain undefined
Something not much known
Even then at that point of time what will be going on in the mind will be nothing, but an anxiety
The curiosity to know more
An anxiety fueled by your own thoughts about the past and present
A departure from the present towards the future marks the beginning of a journey towards the destination
It’s the final journey

— The End —