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May 2017
A dim flame flickers,
     as if it were dancing to a rhythm..
     as if it were alive,
     as if it was reflecting a life.
It fights with itself...
               extinguish, breathe,
     extinguish, breathe.
The light bounces off its surroundings,
Doing a tango with its shadow.
     Light, darkness.
     Good, evil.
     Strength, weakness.
It casts demons on the wall,
It casts illuminations on the wall.

A light breath,
     threatens its dance,
          while the tiny wick
               struggles to provide life.
A drop of oil,
     fuels the glimmer,
          while the air whirls by,
               jeopardizing its fate.

A dim flame flickers,
     bobs and weaves,
     jumps and jives,
     flashes and sparks.
A war between the elements,
               Fire, air...
     Air, fire.
Radiating beauty,
Providing a glimpse of hope and soul,
     Chaotic and raw,
     Wild and free,
     Magnificent and untamed.
Embrace the dark and honor the shine,
Love the twilight and be engulfed in the magic.
Sarah Elaine
Written by
Sarah Elaine
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