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Irina BBota Sep 25
Your shadowy eyes
Weeping waves of living lies
Silent abduction
Irina BBota Sep 23
The grand opening
We are the everyday clowns
In times of Ego
Irina BBota Sep 19
Next to your footsteps
I feel like an outsider
An unwanted guest
Irina BBota Sep 17
Arrogant sunset
Reveals Yesterday’s secret
Promising the Moon
Irina BBota Sep 14
Serenade tonight
The game of a frozen bride
Poisoning my heart
Irina BBota May 29
Why on earth didn’t you tell me
That the entire world is getting so ill?
I wouldn’t have thrown away the golden key,
I wouldn’t have taken that sleeping pill.

Why on earth didn’t you tell me
That he’s craving for a life that’s fair?
I would have brought a wave from the sea,
I would have helped him in his despair.

Why on earth didn’t you tell me
That he had enough of conspiracy and denial?
All he wants is just to be happy and free,
Not to be condemned without any trial.

Increased temperatures, sea levels rising,
Severe weathers bringing furious flood,
Antarctica’s ice is now downsizing,
In a few years all you will see, will be blood.

Now you all have to burn in the flame of the truth,
You think you’re honourable thieves by wearing a glove,
No one will be saved by the fountain of youth.
You just pay for the departure to the sky and above.
Irina BBota May 10
Forget the embrace of the unlucky time,
for it keeps your soul haunted down,
you'd give your last breath, it would be a crime
not wearing the crown of your town.

Forget being with one foot in the grave,
for you still have to dance the midnight waltz,
forget the footprints on your heart, be brave,
don't spend your days finding Life's faults.

Forget the twisted tears that fell,
forget about playing the Russian roulette,
forget about going to funerals in hell,
forget about smoking another cigarette.

Forget the solitude that is so loud
because of the ashes thrown out to the sea,
forget the bluffing rose and make me proud,
that's the call of vengeance that sets you free.

Forget people that are digging in your soul,
but not the woman that gave you birth,
give her love, respect, for this is the child's role,
for we're not gonna be for long on this Earth.
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