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Nylee Aug 2020
We don't trust a kind person
they are always under suspicion,
Nobody has been kind to me
without any reason,
their ulterior motive be some kind.
It seems that kindness be
An extinct breed indeed.
Not a call in which,
it is purely for asking of well being,
what follows concern, is the real deal.
The world has toughen, sharpen each edges,
distrust is all time high, cutting up inches
You are one of them, I am not putting the blame,
I have turned just the same
By not trusting everybody,
I am just being kind to me.
دema flutter Mar 2020
here i am,
once again,
knocking at the door
of adventure,
curious to know
what kind of love
awaits for me,
just to have it
collapse and
shatter all over
my heart, my mind,
my thoughts,
so my words
and my trust in
myself becomes extinct.
Michael A Duff Oct 2019
love is a lifetime of examples of how we can overcome our fears, worries, and doubts.
It is invisible but can be seen, it is intangible but can be felt,
it is inaudible but you know it when you hear it.
at times it can seem to be extinct, and others make you as euphoric as the most powerful drug.
in the end it is only you who can choose to let it in, push it away, or accept it
Strang thing called love, none can point to it but it is all around but it is deadly as beautiful
Nigdaw Jul 2019
Nothing sadder
Than calling for a mate no longer there,
Last of a kind
Singing into the darkness.

Ousted by the human race;
One small light extinguished in a universe
Of satellites and jet powered aircraft
Metalled roads and all night diners,
High rise living, where we even invade
The skies to get a better view
Of our formidable world,
Lighting us into our own oblivion.

So how do you grade
The importance of a creature,
Not particularly colourful
With a dull song, not very loud,
That no one will really miss as it shuffles
Off the stage of the world,
No great eulogy, no curtain call
Never an encore
To join poor Dodo in the glass cased
Museums of what we have destroyed.
sunprincess Feb 2018
Common courtesy is a dinosaur
be it a vegetarian or an omnivore,
common courtesy is a dinosaur
extinct and forgotten,
never to live on Pangea ever again
Heli Colmenares Nov 2016
The sky was dark and full of ash
the fields are all on fire.
The rocks landed with a big crash
‘been running now I'm tired.

The world went dark, the food is spent,
there’s nothing left for me.
My herd ran off and I was left.
And now I cannot see.

The world is black, the ash is strong,
the heat makes me feel faint.
I cannot hear the other songs,
can’t breathe without complaint.

I stumble far but cannot think
of how it all must look.
I feel the death, I’m on the brink,
this whole world just shook.

I’m all alone, I cannot feel
I yell, no one can hear.
I lay there, shed my final tear,
and slowly fall asleep.
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