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Xallan Dec 2018
Poetry is a food, a fueler, a filler
Of that emptiness we hope to resolve
Words are a chemistry, a balance, an equation
For nutrition of our nonexisting soul
Words- we take, we bake, we fill
Ourselves too full, we are gluttons
Sticky letters dissolve to
Nonsense,  and hang off our tongue,
Always dripping, never falling
I began this movement, this culinary labratory
Where we mix chemicals together to
Create two-dimensional poisons of ecstacy
Lost in our minds, on our lips, savoring
Every drop-
S R Mats May 2015
Neither predator nor prey,
I lie here while morsels slowly filter down;
Loving every greedy minute, getting fat.
I am a glutton for your LOVE
Not the pink pedals from a rose.
But to engulf in chills of
Feelings - risen from YOU.

I yearn to be wrapped in YOUR
affection - that is enough.
To indulge in your passion poured -
From gashes but fearlessly entrust.

I yearn for you to give me all of YOU
The you that "you" keep encaged
Is the YOU that I long to love too.
I'll take all of you, have no fear.

Just let loose your baggage -
And let me love all of it
As I live to love you and ALL
That comes with it.
maggie W Jun 2014
A pivot, A ******, A watershed
Been miserably waiting for dawn in my head
Then the day came
A day my mismatch soul and body met
I fed on your words and voices
Wolf down everything from you and store them up
Taking mental snapshot in the dark
And prepare myself for yet another brutal week
I fed on tasty food and a good mood
Treat myself with something tangible
Glutton is never a sin for me
I fed on fantasies.

— The End —